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{"dateTimeFormat": "iso8601",
        "start": "1972-01-01", 
        "end": "1972-12-31", 
        "description": "Moving to NY, in love with dance, I auditioned and was chosen for the Martha Graham Dance  Apprentice company under the direction of Bertram Ross and Mary Hinkson - a wonderful group of dancers, we learned much from Company members and soaked up the pleasure of doing Martha's incredible repertory.  With Pearl Lang's company I performed at a variety of venues including Carnegie Hall. ", 
        "mapKeys": [
            "NY, NY_Highlights of 1972"
        "title": "Highlights of 1972"
        "end": "1973-12-31", 
        "description": "Performing with the Martha Graham Apprentice company and Pearl Lang's company. I danced and sang in the Yiddish Theater production of Hard to be a Jew choreographed by Pearl Lang. 
", "title": "Highlights of 1973", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Highlights of 1973" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1043.jpg", "height": 568 } ], "start": "1973-01-01" }, { "end": "1974-06-30", "description": "At the Eden Theater, Hard to be a Jew starred Joseph Buloff and Zvee Schooler and ran for more than a year. Pearl Lang choreographed the musical and Jacquie and I had a ball singing, dancing and watching the Yiddish Theater greats at work.
", "title": "Off Broadway: Hard to be a Jew", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Off Broadway: Hard to be a Jew" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Joe Buloff, Stan Porter and Bruce Adler", "imgfile": "TLfoto0770.jpg", "height": 588 }, { "caption": "between performances with Jacquie Buglisi", "imgfile": "TLfoto0773.jpg", "height": 382 }, { "caption": "with Zvee Schooler", "imgfile": "TLfoto0776.jpg", "height": 610 } ], "start": "1973-10-23" }, { "end": "1974-12-31", "description": "Dancing with Pearl Lang at Jacob's Pillow and with Kazuko Hirabayashi Dance Theater.
", "title": "Highlights of 1974", "mapKeys": [ "Hi 74" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1018.jpg", "height": 273 }, { "caption": "with Ralph Farrington", "imgfile": "TLfoto1075.jpg", "height": 396 } ], "start": "1974-01-01" }, { "end": "1975-12-31", "description": "Performing and studying with Pearl Lang and Kazuko Hirabayashi, we performed at the Hunter Playhouse and Delacorte Theaters. Pearl Lang premieres her Dybbuk, The Possessed, at the Kaufmann Center at the 92nd St. Y. We danced for Aaron Copland's 75th birthday at Alice Tully Hall.
", "title": "Highlights of 1975", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Highlights of 1975" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1044.jpg", "height": 605 } ], "start": "1975-01-01" }, { "end": "1975-01-13", "description": "Wonderful to dance with guest artists Bertram Ross and from ABT, Alexander Minz and William Carter in Pearl Lang's The Possessed - (The Dybbuk) , a full evening work that she later made into a film.
", "title": "The Possessed premieres", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Possessed premieres" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Pearl with the men", "imgfile": "TLfoto0760.jpg", "height": 518 }, { "caption": "Bill Carter", "imgfile": "TLfoto0763.jpg", "height": 253 }, { "caption": "Pearl with Sasha Minz", "imgfile": "TLfoto0764.jpg", "height": 714 } ], "start": "1975-01-06" }, { "start": "1976-01-01", "end": "1976-12-31", "description": "In January Martha Graham hired me for her Company. We toured the west coast of the US then Europe, and the Company's highlight was its season at London's Covent Garden Theater, the first contemporary dance company to appear there. Dancing Martha's dances, working with her and her dancers is indescribable.", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1976" ], "title": "Highlights of 1976" }, { "end": "1976-05-03", "description": "A US tour, the first tour with Martha Graham from East coast to West and into Canada. Dancing the chorus roles in Appalachian Spring, Night Journey, and Diversion of Angels - watching the brilliant principal dancers from inside the dances - Takako, Yuriko Kimura, Diane Gray, Tim Wengerd and many more - it is a dream coming true .
", "title": "First Tour with Martha", "mapKeys": [ "MG spring 76" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "in the Night Journey chorus", "imgfile": "TLfoto0212.jpg", "height": 262 } ], "start": "1976-01-20" }, { "end": "1976-07-31", "description": "First European tour with Martha Graham from Austria to Holland, France and Germany then London's Covent Garden for two weeks, the first contemporary dance company to perform in this theater. We perform Clytemnestra, Yuriko Kimura's Clytemnestra with Mario and Tim is out of this world, I dance the Furies and have a ball in London. Robin Howard, Jane Dudley, and The Place are our generous hosts.
", "title": "To Europe with Martha Graham", "mapKeys": [ "MG summer 76" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Yuriko", "imgfile": "TLfoto1950.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "Yuriko with Mario Delamo", "imgfile": "TLfoto1951.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "Yuri and Tim Wengerd", "imgfile": "TLfoto1952.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "in Angers", "imgfile": "TLfoto1048.jpg", "height": 398 } ], "start": "1976-06-13" }, { "start": "1976-10-10", "end": "1976-11-22", "description": "The Graham Company tours Spain, France then the US.", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 76" ], "title": "Graham on Tour" }, { "start": "1977-01-01", "end": "1977-12-31", "description": "Highlight performances this year with the Martha Graham Dance Company were a New York season at Broadway's Lunt - Fontanne Theater where I had my debut as the Girl in Yellow in Diversion of Angels with Tim Wengerd, and the Warrior in the glorious Seraphic Dialogue. We perform at Wolftrap and ArtPark. With Pearl Lang I perform at the NY Dance Umbrella Festival.", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1977" ], "title": "Highlights of 1977" }, { "end": "1977-06-11", "description": "The Lunt - Fontanne New York season, I debut the Warrior in Seraphic Dialogue and the Girl in Yellow in Diversion of Angels.
", "title": "Graham in New York", "mapKeys": [ "MG summer 77" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0209.jpg", "height": 456 } ], "start": "1977-05-15" }, { "start": "1977-10-16", "end": "1977-10-23", "description": "Dance Umbrella presents contemporary dance companies, including Pearl Lang at the Eden Theater - now the Entermedia Theater", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Dance Umbrella " ], "title": "Dance Umbrella " }, { "start": "1978-01-01", "end": "1978-12-31", "description": "In the spring I toured Italy with Pearl Lang's Dance company; from Ravenna in the North to Palermo in Sicily and then with the Graham Company through the US. The Graham Company highlight is the NY season at the Metropolitan Opera House, where we are the first contemporary dance company to perform there. ", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1978" ], "title": "Highlights of 1978" }, { "end": "1978-02-20", "description": "Pearl toured Italy from Ravenna and Reggio, to the mountain republic of San Marino and then to Sicily.
", "title": "Pearl Lang on Tour ", "mapKeys": [ "Pearl spring 78" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1330.jpg", "height": 612 }, { "caption": "in Ferrara", "imgfile": "TLfoto1070.jpg", "height": 633 }, { "caption": "the bill in Modena", "imgfile": "TLfoto1071.jpg", "height": 821 } ], "start": "1978-02-01" }, { "start": "1978-04-09", "datespan": "1978-04-09 To 1978-04-12", "description": "At the Entermedia Theater - dancing with Diane Grey's company, in a program with Elisa Monte and Peggy Lyman \n", "mapKeys": [ "_Dance Umbrella" ], "title": "Dance Umbrella" }, { "start": "1978-05-11", "datespan": "1978-05-11 To 1978-05-14", "description": "In Peter Sparling's concert, wonderful to dance with Bert Terborgh - in Suite to Sleep.", "mapKeys": [ "_ Riverside Dance Festival" ], "title": " Riverside Dance Festival" }, { "end": "1978-07-01", "description": "The Graham Company appears at The Metropolitan Opera House, New York. The first contemporary dance company to perform here, Martha premieres The Owl and the Pussycat with Liza Minnelli as the narrator - what a woman, what a talent. I am one of the three mermaids, \"frankly decorative\". I dance the Young Clytemnestra in Martha's full evening work, Clytemnestra. Nureyev and Fonteyn join the company for the MET season.
", "title": "Graham at the MET", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham at the MET" ], "slides": [ { "caption": " as Young Clytemnestra", "imgfile": "TLfoto1956.jpg", "height": 294 }, { "caption": "in Clytemnestra with Mario Delamo", "imgfile": "TLfoto1954.jpg", "height": 330 }, { "caption": "with Yuriko Kimura", "imgfile": "TLfoto1953.jpg", "height": 309 } ], "start": "1978-06-26" }, { "end": "1978-07-28", "description": "I teach among a marvelous group of faculty in this excellent program for teachers, and invite Dorothy Bird to work with us. Dorothy's passion and generosity is transformational, a dancer with Martha in the early years, she is a powerhouse and delight.
", "title": "Lincoln Center Institute", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Lincoln Center Institute" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Dorothy Bird", "imgfile": "TLfoto1040.jpg", "height": 524 }, { "caption": "with Dorothy", "imgfile": "TLfoto1026.jpg", "height": 488 }, { "caption": "Dorothy", "imgfile": "TLfoto1042.jpg", "height": 271 }, { "caption": "Dorothy leads my L.C. Institute class", "imgfile": "TLfoto1041.jpg", "height": 268 } ], "start": "1978-07-10" }, { "start": "1978-09-02", "end": "1978-12-03", "description": "Martha Graham US tour from the Northeast to the West coast and Canada. Performing the Warrior in Seraphic Dialogue and the Girl in Yellow in Diversion of Angels with dear friend and wonderful partner Bert Terborgh. In Lincoln, Nebraska, the dancers inaugurate our first Graham Follies - to be held on Halloweens -no one spoofs us better than we do. ", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 78" ], "title": "Graham on Tour" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": "as Isis", "imgfile": "TLfoto0611.jpg", "height": 457 } ], "start": "1978-12-09", "description": "Martha's Frescoes premieres at the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Halston made the costumes, is a wonderful friend to Martha, and great fun to be with in the studio and on tour.
", "mapKeys": [ "_Frescoes at the Sackler" ], "title": "Frescoes at the Sackler" }, { "end": "1979-12-31", "description": "The Graham Company films Clytemnestra for PBS WNET in Nashville, I am Young Clytemnestra; and tours the US, Northern Europe with a return to London's Covent Garden, and to the Mideast. The travel was incredible, with highlight visits to the pyramids in Egypt, to Petra in Jordan, and performances at the Dubrovnik Festival on the Adriatic.
", "title": "Highlights of 1979", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1979" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Dancing Young Clytemnestra with Mario Delamo", "imgfile": "TLfoto1955.jpg", "height": 292 } ], "start": "1979-01-01" }, { "end": "1979-08-27", "description": "Martha Graham summer tour of Europe from Portugal to Yugoslavia and into the Middle East including Israel and Jordan. Standing on a platform, on a 6 degree stage rake, is a baptism of fire debuting the role of Artemis in Phaedra. The festival at Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens is amazing.
", "title": "Graham on Tour", "mapKeys": [ "MG summer 79" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "The 'rose red city' Petra in Jordan", "imgfile": "TLfoto1415.jpg", "height": 281 }, { "caption": "Jerash in Jordan", "imgfile": "TLfoto1411.jpg", "height": 540 }, { "caption": "Dubrovnik's castle-top theater", "imgfile": "TLfoto1423.jpg", "height": 262 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1053.jpg", "height": 495 } ], "start": "1979-07-08" }, { "start": "1979-07-23", "end": "1979-08-04", "description": "Returning to Covent Garden, with a marvelous orchestra conducted by Stanley Sussman and assistant Jonathan McPhee. Wonderful to perform both the Maid and the Warrior in Seraphic Dialogue and Artemis in Phaedra. Martha is mesmerizing speaking before the performance, Liza Minnelli joins us as narrator of The Owl and the Pussycat and Halston hosts a party for us at the Savoy Hotel. ", "mapKeys": [ "London, England_Graham in London" ], "title": "Graham in London" }, { "end": "1979-12-09", "description": "Graham Company fall tour of the US including the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, my alma mater, where I dance the Girl in Red in Diversion of Angels and Martha's new duet O Thou Desire Who Art About to Sing.
", "title": "Graham on Tour", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 79" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "O Thou Desire with Bert Terborgh", "imgfile": "TLfoto0200.jpg", "height": 438 } ], "start": "1979-10-13" }, { "start": "1980-01-01", "end": "1980-12-31", "description": "I toured the United States, East and West, with the Martha Graham Dance Company, with a second NY season at the Metropolitan Opera House. As a guest artist I performed in Carmina Burana, along with guest Gus Solomons, in the University of Michigan's production choreographed by Elizabeth Bergmann.", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1980" ], "title": "Highlights of 1980" }, { "description": "The University of Michigan production choreographed by Elizabeth Bergmann. Wonderful to dance with marvelous full chorus and orchestra, elaborate set; on a 20 foot platform and fun to dance with Gus Solomons.
", "title": "Carmina Burana", "mapKeys": [ "Ann Arbor, MI_Carmina Burana" ], "datespan": "1980-03-13 To 1980-03-16", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1940.jpg", "height": 624 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1941.jpg", "height": 265 } ], "start": "1980-03-13" }, { "start": "1980-04-22", "end": "1980-05-03", "description": "The Graham Dance Company's second New York season at the Metropolitan Opera House - I dance Iphigenia in Clytemnestra - Rudolf Nureyev is Aegisthus and also dances with the divine Yuriko Kimura in the premiere of Equatorial.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham at the MET" ], "title": "Graham at the MET" }, { "end": "1980-11-01", "description": "Graham Company fall tour of the US - the Southwest, California, the mountain states and back to the East.
", "title": "Graham on Tour", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 80" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "as Lilith in Embattled Garden with Charles Brown and Elisa Monte with David Brown", "imgfile": "TLfoto0206.jpg", "height": 512 }, { "caption": "Girl in Red in Diversion of Angels with Charles Brown", "imgfile": "TLfoto0210.jpg", "height": 452 } ], "start": "1980-09-23" }, { "start": "1981-01-01", "end": "1981-12-31", "description": "The highlight of my year was to debut my first major role, Martha's role, as the Bride in Appalachian Spring. We premiered Acts of Light at the Kennedy Center, had a marvelous first visit to the Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato, where I fell in love with Mexico and I was invited back to teach in Torreon beginning a relationship with the Mexican dance community that continues.", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1981" ], "title": "Highlights of 1981" }, { "end": "1981-03-01", "description": "Graham Company US tour through the East and Midwest. With the amazing Tim Wengerd as my Husbandman, I debut the role of the Bride in Appalachian Spring.
", "title": "Graham on Tour", "mapKeys": [ "MG spring 81" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0523.jpg", "height": 298 } ], "start": "1981-02-01" }, { "end": "1981-05-18", "description": "Graham Company appears at Mexico's Festival Cervantino - I dance the Maid in Seraphic Dialogue and fall in love with Mexico.
", "title": "Graham in Mexico", "mapKeys": [ "Guanajuato, Mexico_Graham in Mexico" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Seraphic Dialogue", "imgfile": "TLfoto1016.jpg", "height": 321 }, { "caption": "we Frescoe on the steps of Teatro Juarez", "imgfile": "TLfoto1229.jpg", "height": 281 }, { "caption": "Diversion of Angels", "imgfile": "TLfoto1061.jpg", "height": 410 } ], "start": "1981-05-08" }, { "start": "1981-07-15", "datespan": "1981-07-15 To 1981-07-19", "description": "Wonderful dance festival and retreat in the mountains, organized by Steve Smith and Larry Holder - members of our great stage crew. Under the full moon and in the open air, I enjoyed performing Kazuko Hirabayashi solos Ebb and Moonlight Sonata.", "mapKeys": [ "Salt Lake City, UT_Two Ravens at Tall Pines" ], "title": "Two Ravens at Tall Pines" }, { "start": "1981-07-20", "end": "1981-08-01", "description": "My first visit to Mexico to teach. Invited by Magda Muguira to Torreon, in the hot northern state of Coahuila. ", "mapKeys": [ "Torreon, Mexico_In Torreon , Mexico" ], "title": "In Torreon , Mexico" }, { "start": "1981-09-11", "end": "1981-11-21", "description": "Graham tour of Europe and then down the East Coast and Midwest of the US.", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 81" ], "title": "Graham on Tour" }, { "start": "1981-12-26", "end": "1982-01-01", "description": "A pleasure to be guest artist with Three's Company, working with Jean Isaacs Betzi Roe and Patrick Nollet.", "mapKeys": [ "San Diego, CA_Teaching, performing in San Diego" ], "title": "Teaching, performing in San Diego" }, { "start": "1982-01-01", "end": "1982-12-31", "description": "Tour highlights of the US and European tours with the Martha Graham Dance Company were the wonderful outdoor Chateauvallon Festival and Tivoli Gardens theaters. An honor to represent Martha dancing for the President \"In Performance at the White House\".", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1982" ], "title": "Highlights of 1982" }, { "end": "1982-01-24", "description": "Extraordinary historic city whose dance, music, art and University scenes are tremendous. Invited by Martha Azuela at the University of Guanajuato - for their first National Contemporary Dance Course. My students are from all over Mexico, including from Guillermina Bravo's Ballet Nacional.
", "title": "Teaching in Guanajuato", "mapKeys": [ "_Teaching in Guanajuato" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "my class with Guillermina Bravo in Guanajuato", "imgfile": "TLfoto1223.jpg", "height": 391 } ], "start": "1982-01-04" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1005.jpg", "height": 434 }, { "caption": "Acts of Light", "imgfile": "TLfoto1015.jpg", "height": 548 } ], "start": "1982-03-29", "description": "An honor to represent Martha and contemporary dance at the White House, dancing for the President, hosted by Beverly Sills and Gene Kelly; filmed for PBS television. Donlin and I perform the duets from Appalachian Spring and Acts of Light.
", "mapKeys": [ "Washington, DC_In Performance at the White House " ], "title": "In Performance at the White House " }, { "end": "1982-06-27", "description": "Graham NY Season at the City Center Theater. I debuted in Herodiade, coached by Pearl Lang.
", "title": "Graham in New York", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0126.jpg", "height": 319 } ], "start": "1982-06-09" }, { "start": "1982-07-06", "end": "1982-07-30", "description": "Graham Company European tour to France and Denmark.", "mapKeys": [ "MG summer 82" ], "title": "Graham on Tour" }, { "start": "1982-10-14", "end": "1982-11-19", "description": "Graham Company West Coast tour.", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 82" ], "title": "Graham Tour " }, { "start": "1983-01-01", "end": "1983-12-31", "description": "With the Martha Graham Dance Company I toured the US and Europe with highlights at the Athens Festival, in Florence, Italy and at ArtPark in New York.", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1983" ], "title": "Highlights of 1983" }, { "end": "1983-07-15", "description": "Graham Company summer European tour, Donlin, Jean Louis Morin and I premiered Phaedra's Dream at the Herod Atticus theater in Athens.
", "title": "Martha Graham Tour", "mapKeys": [ "MG summer 83" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1010.jpg", "height": 326 } ], "start": "1983-06-27" }, { "start": "1983-09-23", "end": "1983-11-06", "description": "Graham Company fall US tour to Texas and the Midwest.", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 83" ], "title": "Graham on Tour" }, { "end": "1984-12-31", "description": "I toured the US and Europe with the Martha Graham Dance Company and premiered Rite of Spring during the NY season at the NY State Theater. Rudolf Nureyev, magical dancer, generous partner, invites the Company to the Paris Opera where we perform Phaedra's Dream together. He joins us at the State Theater for its NY premiere. The Company appears at Jacob's Pillow for the first time.
", "title": "Highlights of 1984", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1984" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Phaedra's Dream with Rudolf", "imgfile": "TLfoto0601.jpg", "height": 344 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0606.jpg", "height": 437 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0609.jpg", "height": 315 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0605.jpg", "height": 481 } ], "start": "1984-01-01" }, { "end": "1984-01-26", "description": "At the incredible Palais Garnier, The Paris Opera, performing Phaedra's Dream with Rudolf Nureyev. I debut Helen of Troy in Clytemnestra, my fifth role in this full evening work. Martha receives the extraordinary honor from the French government, the Legion d'Honneur
", "title": "Graham in Paris", "mapKeys": [ "Paris, France_Graham in Paris" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "The Company onstage with Rudolf, Halston, and Martha", "imgfile": "TLfoto1002.jpg", "height": 398 }, { "caption": "the Company", "imgfile": "TLfoto1301.jpg", "height": 254 }, { "caption": "with Tim", "imgfile": "TLfoto1303.jpg", "height": 485 }, { "caption": "Steve with Boots and Tim", "imgfile": "TLfoto1304.jpg", "height": 341 }, { "caption": "serious style from Halston", "imgfile": "TLfoto1305.jpg", "height": 525 } ], "start": "1984-01-17" }, { "end": "1984-03-18", "description": "Our season at the NY State Theater with premieres of Rite of Spring and the NY premiere of Phaedra's Dream dancing again with Rudolf Nureyev. I debut Lament in Acts of Light - after Yuriko Kimura - what an act to follow.
", "title": "Graham in New York", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Rite of Spring with Larry White", "imgfile": "TLfoto0618.jpg", "height": 604 }, { "caption": "Rite of Spring with George White", "imgfile": "TLfoto0617.jpg", "height": 552 } ], "start": "1984-02-28" }, { "start": "1984-06-17", "end": "1984-06-24", "description": "The Company at Jacob's Pillow - incredibly for the first time - some old wounds between Martha and Ted Shawn perhaps?", "mapKeys": [ "Lee, MA_Graham at the Pillow" ], "title": "Graham at the Pillow" }, { "end": "1984-07-08", "description": "Graham Company European summer tour to outdoor theaters in the South of France and Scandanavia. What a thrill doing Rite of Spring at the Catholic World Congress Meeting for Friendship Among People an audience of thousands under a tin roofed stadium in Italy.
", "title": "Graham on Tour", "mapKeys": [ "MG summer 84" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0616.jpg", "height": 549 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1054.jpg", "height": 580 }, { "caption": "walled city of Carcassonne", "imgfile": "TLfoto1316.jpg", "height": 226 } ], "start": "1984-06-30" }, { "start": "1984-09-10", "end": "1984-11-09", "description": "Graham Company US tour of California and the Midwest", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 84" ], "title": "Graham on Tour" }, { "end": "1984-12-20", "description": "Graham Company residency in Florence, Italy - what a beautiful city. Terese and I begin to learn Italian.
", "title": "Graham in Italy ", "mapKeys": [ "Florence, Italy_Graham in Italy " ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1321.jpg", "height": 541 } ], "start": "1984-12-08" }, { "start": "1985-01-01", "end": "1985-12-31", "description": "Toured the US, Canada and Europe, Scandinavia with the Martha Graham Dance Company and returned to the New York State Theater. ", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1985" ], "title": "Highlights of 1985" }, { "end": "1985-04-21", "description": "Graham Company NY season at the New York State Theater, we revive Cortege of Eagles and Episodes and wonderful to dance Rite of Spring again as well as Frescoes, this time as Isis.
", "title": "Graham in New York", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Rite with Larry White", "imgfile": "TLfoto0619.jpg", "height": 551 }, { "caption": "Frescoes", "imgfile": "TLfoto0611.jpg", "height": 457 } ], "start": "1985-04-02" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1180.jpg", "height": 589 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1181.jpg", "height": 298 } ], "start": "1985-08-01", "description": " Steve Mauer and I are married
", "mapKeys": [ "_Most significant day in my life" ], "title": "Most significant day in my life" }, { "start": "1985-09-11", "end": "1985-11-15", "description": "Touring through Europe - the wonderful Chatelet Theater in Paris, where Rudolf Nureyev joined us, then off to Scandinavia, then Canada and the US.", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 85" ], "title": "Graham on Tour" }, { "start": "1986-01-01", "end": "1986-12-31", "description": "The Graham Company toured the US from coast to coast, to Puerto Rico; then through Spain, Germany and some of our favorite theaters in Italy. ", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1986" ], "title": "Highlights of 1986" }, { "end": "1986-06-15", "description": "The Martha Graham Dance Company's 60th anniversary season at the City Center Theater. I premiered Tangled Night and Terese, Temptations of the Moon. We revived some of the beautiful Denishawn solos, and wonderful to perform Cave of the Heart.
", "title": "Graham 60 year Anniversary in New York", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham 60 year Anniversary in New York" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Performing Rite of Spring", "imgfile": "TLfoto1009.jpg", "height": 586 }, { "caption": "Tangled Night with Donlin Foreman", "imgfile": "TLfoto0112.jpg", "height": 520 } ], "start": "1986-05-27" }, { "start": "1986-06-24", "end": "1986-08-27", "description": "A tour through Italy and Spain, missed the running of bulls in Pamplona but loved all the Gaudi. ", "mapKeys": [ "MG summer 86" ], "title": "Graham in Europe" }, { "start": "1986-09-23", "end": "1986-12-16", "description": "US tour from Puerto Rico through Alaska, the Midwest and San Diego to Sarasota and the East coast from Florida to the Carolinas.", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 86" ], "title": "Graham Tour" }, { "start": "1987-01-01", "end": "1987-12-31", "description": "A great tour with Graham through Switzerland, Spain, East Berlin - museums and theater wonderful, Palais des Papes at the Avignon Festival and in Scandinavia where we had the European premiere of Tangled Night . ", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1987" ], "title": "Highlights of 1987" }, { "end": "1987-05-20", "description": "Extended tour of East and West Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy in beautiful opera houses, then back in the summer to the Avignon Festival.
", "title": "Graham Tour", "mapKeys": [ "MG spring 87" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Madrid", "imgfile": "TLfoto1065.jpg", "height": 553 }, { "caption": "Tangled Night", "imgfile": "TLfoto1011.jpg", "height": 572 }, { "caption": "Avignon", "imgfile": "TLfoto1045.jpg", "height": 365 } ], "start": "1987-02-17" }, { "start": "1987-10-06", "end": "1987-10-25", "description": "For the New York season we revived Clytemnestra, I perform Helen of Troy. Maya Plisetskaya performs in our opening gala, in Ruth St. Denis' solo The Incense and both Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov perform in Martha's Appalachian Spring. ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York " ], "title": "Graham in New York " }, { "start": "1987-10-28", "end": "1987-12-05", "description": "A wonderful fall tour of France, from South to North and then into Scandinavia.", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 87" ], "title": "Graham Tour" }, { "start": "1988-01-01", "end": "1988-12-31", "description": "On tour with the Graham Company, we visited the US west coast and Europe where the highlights were the outdoor theaters of Pompeii, Agrigento, Chateauvallon and the Prague Festival. Coached by Liza Minnelli I perform the One Who Speaks in Martha's Letter to the World in the New York season.", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1988" ], "title": "Highlights of 1988" }, { "start": "1988-04-19", "end": "1988-09-06", "description": "A tour of France, Italy, The Netherlands and Czechoslovakia", "mapKeys": [ "MG spring 88" ], "title": "Martha Graham Tour" }, { "start": "1988-10-04", "end": "1988-10-23", "description": "We revived Letter to the World, what a pleasure to watch Terese as One Who Dances with guest Kathleen Turner performing The One Who Speaks. A great challenge to take over and perform the role coached by Martha and Liza Minnelli - Emily Dickinson's poetry brought alive by Martha's choreography. ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York" ], "title": "Graham in New York" }, { "start": "1988-11-03", "end": "1988-12-04", "description": "Fall tour through Western US and Canada, wonderful to perform the speaking role in Martha's Letter to the World with Terese as The One Who Dances.", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 88" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour" }, { "start": "1989-01-01", "end": "1989-12-31", "description": "Touring with the Martha Graham Company to South American was a highlight, in Brazil and at the Teatro Colon, Argentina. In the spring we toured Europe, extensively in Italy and to the marvelous Salzburg Festival. ", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1989" ], "title": "Highlights of 1989" }, { "end": "1989-04-05", "description": "Touring the US and Canada, I loved speaking Emily Dickinson's poetry in Letter to the World - Liza Minnelli and Martha had coached me, and being on stage with Terese was a delight.
", "title": "Graham - US and Canada", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 89" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Errand into the Maze", "imgfile": "TLfoto1051.jpg", "height": 558 } ], "start": "1989-02-16" }, { "start": "1989-04-06", "end": "1989-04-24", "description": "South American tour thru Brazil and Argentina.", "mapKeys": [ "MG S Am 89" ], "title": "Graham in South America" }, { "start": "1989-06-01", "description": "A gala performance at the Metropolitan Opera to benefit the schools of Martha Graham and ABT. Lovely to work with Ballet Theater's Martine van Hamel as the Pioneer Woman and Ricardo Bustamante as my partner in Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring. ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham at the MET" ], "title": "Graham at the MET" }, { "start": "1989-08-09", "end": "1989-08-25", "description": "A European tour from Sicily to the Salzburg Music Festival, - the Lipizzaner horses were wonderful to watch dancing.", "mapKeys": [ "MG Summer 89" ], "title": "Graham in Europe " }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1236.jpg", "height": 557 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1237.jpg", "height": 431 } ], "start": "1989-09-12", "description": "Tim was a brilliant dancer, loved by Martha whose work he supercharged with his presence. He lived life wide; adventures of intellect and dance. A wonderful partner, a wit, sometimes roommate, always a good friend; he introduced me to his love of Mexico, where he is beloved for his teaching.
", "mapKeys": [ "_Mourning Tim Wengerd " ], "title": "Mourning Tim Wengerd " }, { "end": "1989-10-22", "description": "Our New York season, three weeks at the City Center Theater. One of my favorite works, I debut in Dark Meadow, with Donlin. In the revival of Cortege of Eagles, I dance Hecuba and Donlin is marvelous in Bertram Ross' role.
", "title": "Graham in New York ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Dark Meadow", "imgfile": "TLfoto0301.jpg", "height": 400 } ], "start": "1989-10-03" }, { "start": "1989-12-11", "end": "1989-12-24", "description": "Italy loves Martha's work, we meet the fans who follow us from city to city, they become friends. This tour - from the boot to the Northern League, Italy is beautiful in the winter, and the food always good. ", "mapKeys": [ "MG Winter 89" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour " }, { "start": "1990-01-01", "end": "1990-12-31", "description": "This was a year of highlights - with the Martha Graham Dance Company tours of Europe including the Istanbul Festival, the Athens Festival and the Lyon Biennale and was followed by the US Spoleto and American Dance Festivals. The Company's NY season was at City Center Theater and the year finished with a tour of Asia, where in Japan NHK filmed the Company, including my performances of Rite of Spring and Night Journey.", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1990 " ], "title": "Highlights of 1990 " }, { "end": "1990-06-30", "description": "A tour through Spain and back to the US for the Spoleto Festival.
", "title": "Graham Company Tour ", "mapKeys": [ "MG spring 90" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Ruffino Tamayo's art for Spoleto", "imgfile": "TLfoto1047.jpg", "height": 557 } ], "start": "1990-05-06" }, { "end": "1990-09-19", "description": "Performing outdoors in Turkey and at the Herod Atticus theater in Athens. Donlin and I danced Night Journey, amazing as Jocasta to look up and see the Parthenon. At the Lyon Biennale in France we performed Dark Meadow.
", "title": "Graham Company Tour", "mapKeys": [ "MG Aug/Sept" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "rehearsing Night Journey with Donlin", "imgfile": "TLfoto1408.jpg", "height": 510 }, { "caption": "Ephesus in Turkey", "imgfile": "TLfoto1412.jpg", "height": 506 } ], "start": "1990-07-07" }, { "end": "1990-10-08", "description": "Our season at the City Center Theater, I dance Martha's role in Herodiade and we premiere her last complete work, Maple Leaf Rag with Terese.
", "title": "Graham in New York ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Herodiade", "imgfile": "TLfoto0126.jpg", "height": 319 } ], "start": "1990-10-02" }, { "end": "1990-11-25", "description": "The Asian tour to Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan where the National Museum is extraordinary, and Japan where NHK filmed two company programs to be shown internationally on BRAVO including Rite of Spring danced with Larry White and Night Journey with Donlin Foreman.
", "title": "Graham Tours Asia ", "mapKeys": [ "MG Asia 90" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Rite of Spring", "imgfile": "TLfoto0635.jpg", "height": 285 }, { "caption": "Night Journey", "imgfile": "TLfoto0510.jpg", "height": 601 }, { "caption": "Cave of the Heart in Japan", "imgfile": "TLfoto1008.jpg", "height": 551 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1072.jpg", "height": 177 } ], "start": "1990-10-23" }, { "start": "1991-01-01", "end": "1991-12-31", "description": "In the spring of this year, Martha died. We began trying to get used to working, traveling and performing without her, missing the time in the studio and her wonderful pre-performance talks on tour. The company toured the US, France, Italy, Mexico.", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1991" ], "title": "Highlights of 1991" }, { "start": "1991-01-02", "end": "1991-03-08", "description": "A US tour, from NY to Costa Mesa and St. Louis to Springfield ", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 91" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1215.jpg", "height": 507 } ], "start": "1991-04-01", "description": "We didn't believe it, but Martha fooled us, she did die.
", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Martha dies" ], "title": "Martha dies" }, { "start": "1991-06-09", "end": "1991-08-18", "description": "We traveled to Italy then to Mexico City's Palacio de Bellas Artes where many of my Mexican friends came for the performances.", "mapKeys": [ "MG summer 91" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour" }, { "start": "1991-08-24", "end": "1991-09-08", "description": "An Italian tour from Perugia in the North to Sicily's outdoor amphitheaters on the Mediterranean. ", "mapKeys": [ "MG Italy 91" ], "title": "Martha Graham Company in Italy" }, { "end": "1991-10-20", "description": "The Company's New York season at City Center Theater, the first after Martha's death. Performed Circe with a cast of marvelous men.
", "title": "Graham in New York ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Circe backstage with Mark Franko", "imgfile": "TLfoto1234.jpg", "height": 556 } ], "start": "1991-10-07" }, { "end": "1991-11-09", "description": "Touring the south of France and wonderful outdoor theaters, then to Paris where we played the Opera House with orchestra and the Company was filmed. After performing Martha's role in Herodiade, it was a challenge to perform May O'Donnell's role of the Nurse.
", "title": "Graham in France", "mapKeys": [ "MG France 91" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Herodiade with Takako Asakawa", "imgfile": "TLfoto1966.jpg", "height": 306 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1967.jpg", "height": 299 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1968.jpg", "height": 294 } ], "start": "1991-10-28" }, { "start": "1992-01-01", "end": "1992-12-31", "description": "I traveled to Vladivostok in Siberia, Russia to work with the revolutionary choreographer Olga Bavdilovich. The Graham Company toured the US, Canada, Spain and Switzerland. During the NY season it was extraordinary to perform Clytemnestra again, this time in the title role.", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1992" ], "title": "Highlights of 1992" }, { "end": "1992-03-31", "description": "A US tour, we played up and down California, to many family and friends and from Ohio to Florida.
", "title": "Graham Company Tour", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 92" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "the Bride in Appalachian Spring", "imgfile": "TLfoto1050.jpg", "height": 542 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1067.jpg", "height": 536 } ], "start": "1992-01-20" }, { "end": "1992-04-25", "description": "Busing through the amazing countryside of Switzerland.
", "title": "Graham Company Tour ", "mapKeys": [ "MG Swiss 92" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Errand into the Maze with Martin Lofsnes", "imgfile": "TLfoto1981.jpg", "height": 414 } ], "start": "1992-04-18" }, { "end": "1992-05-17", "description": "My first visit to Vladivostok in Siberia, Russia It was very shortly after that city had been opened to the west and an eye-opening trip. The America Cultural Specialist Program of the USIA sponsored this visit to teach and perform with Olga Bavdilovich's Chamber Dance Theater - Olga a revolutionary artist in Russian, creating contemporary dance for her time and place.
", "title": "Guest Artist in Russia", "mapKeys": [ "Vladivostok, Russia_Guest Artist in Russia" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1250.jpg", "height": 507 } ], "start": "1992-04-30" }, { "start": "1992-06-23", "end": "1992-07-21", "description": "A European tour of beautiful old opera houses and outdoor amphitheaters in Spain, Italy and Germany", "mapKeys": [ "MG Italy 92" ], "title": "Graham Company in Europe" }, { "start": "1992-09-02", "datespan": "1992-09-02 To 1992-09-05", "description": "At the marvelous Ravinia Festival .", "mapKeys": [ "Highland Park, IL_Graham at Ravinia" ], "title": "Graham at Ravinia" }, { "end": "1992-10-19", "description": "Our season at City Center Theater, my first performance of the title role in Clytemnestra, among a marvelous cast. After dancing Furies, Young Clytemnestra, Athena, Iphigenia, Helen over the decades, it was a cycle completed to dance the mother of it all.
", "title": "Graham in New York", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0108.jpg", "height": 322 } ], "start": "1992-10-11" }, { "start": "1993-01-01", "end": "1993-12-31", "description": "For the French film documentary on the Rite of Spring, 'Les Printemps du Sacre', I perform and speak about Martha's Rite. The Company toured Italy, India and the Near East - incredible places and audiences. Twyla Tharp's work Demeter and Persephone premiered at the City Center NY season of the Company. I began a wonderful relationship that continues, with the Mexican Ballet Nacional, teaching and choreographing, and went to Buenos Aires, Argentina as guest artist. In the fall I began teaching on the faculty of The Juilliard School for the incomparable Benjamin Harkarvy.", "mapKeys": [ "_Highlights of 1993" ], "title": "Highlights of 1993" }, { "end": "1993-03-21", "description": "Touring Israel, Martha was honored with a tree planted in her honor in Jerusalem which I accepted on behalf of the Company; then we jumped from Athens to Argentina
", "title": "Graham Company Tour ", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 93" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Accepting the tree dedicated for Martha", "imgfile": "TLfoto1421.jpg", "height": 567 }, { "caption": "spectacular view from Masada", "imgfile": "TLfoto1422.jpg", "height": 252 } ], "start": "1993-02-22" }, { "description": "At the US Spoleto Festival terrifying to perform Errand into the Maze conducted by its composer, Sr. Menotti, and a ball performing Martha's last work, Maple Leaf Rag.
", "title": "Graham at Spoleto USA", "mapKeys": [ "Charleston , SC_Graham at Spoleto USA" ], "datespan": "1993-05-29 To 1993-06-01", "slides": [ { "caption": "Errand into the Maze", "imgfile": "TLfoto1982.jpg", "height": 295 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1983.jpg", "height": 258 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1069.jpg", "height": 570 } ], "start": "1993-05-29" }, { "end": "1993-06-13", "description": "Touring India, what an incredible country and people.
", "title": "Graham Company in India", "mapKeys": [ "MG India 93" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1063.jpg", "height": 497 }, { "caption": "Cave of the Heart in Bombay", "imgfile": "TLfoto1012.jpg", "height": 437 }, { "caption": "with U of M friend Sharon Lowen", "imgfile": "TLfoto1212.jpg", "height": 515 } ], "start": "1993-06-03" }, { "start": "1993-06-26", "end": "1993-07-16", "description": "The beginning of a continuing relationship with Ballet Nacional de Mexico, in Quer\u00e9taro at the invitation of Director Guillermina Bravo. Teaching other places in Mexico since 1981, I had fallen in love with the people and places. It was marvelous to work with this intensely passionate and Graham trained company. Nearly every year since I have returned to the Company and for the school's summer intensive course. ", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_With the Ballet Nacional in Mexico" ], "title": "With the Ballet Nacional in Mexico" }, { "start": "1993-07-31", "end": "1993-08-15", "description": "The USIA's Cultural Specialist Program sponsors my work in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Ballet Contempor\u00e1neo Saint Martin, directors Oscar Araiz and Renate Schottelius. ", "mapKeys": [ "Buenos Aires, Argentina_Guest Artist, Buenos Aires" ], "title": "Guest Artist, Buenos Aires" }, { "start": "1993-09-01", "end": "1994-05-31", "description": "Juilliard's incomparable Benjamin Harkarvy invites me to the faculty of The Juilliard School.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Juilliard School" ], "title": "The Juilliard School" }, { "end": "1993-10-17", "description": "At the City Center Theater, we premiered Twyla Tharp's Demeter and Persephone, Terese and I had a ball dancing together to the Klezmatics music, and in Martha's Deaths and Entrances.
", "title": "Martha Graham in New York", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Martha Graham in New York" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Demeter and Persephone with Terese and Rika Okamoto", "imgfile": "TLfoto1019.jpg", "height": 457 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1074.jpg", "height": 328 } ], "start": "1993-10-04" }, { "start": "1993-10-25", "end": "1993-11-01", "description": "A quick trip to this wonderful city, performances with orchestra and great to see the art and architecture.", "mapKeys": [ "Madrid, Spain_Graham in Madrid" ], "title": "Graham in Madrid" }, { "start": "1994-01-17", "end": "1994-03-12", "description": "Through the US and Canada beginning in Vancouver, Northeast to Portland Maine, through the South in Savannah, Nashville then west to Tempe, Austin, and even 'playing the Pantages' in Tacoma.", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 94" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour" }, { "start": "1994-03-22", "end": "1994-03-28", "description": "At the Festival in Lyon, Martha's work convinced the French audiences. I performed Cave of the Heart, Night Journey and Twyla's Demeter and Persephone.", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 94" ], "title": "Graham in Lyon" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0123.jpg", "height": 251 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0125.jpg", "height": 255 } ], "start": "1994-04-25", "description": "I received the Dance Magazine Award, in the extraordinary company of Jiri Kylian and Kate Johnson. Pearl Lang presented my award, with a beautiful and generous speech.
", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Dance Magazine Award" ], "title": "Dance Magazine Award" }, { "start": "1994-05-21", "end": "1994-06-20", "description": "Continuing this relationship with Ballet Nacional de Mexico, in Quer\u00e9taro, I begin to learn Spanish, make wonderful friends. ", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_With Ballet Nacional in Mexico" ], "title": "With Ballet Nacional in Mexico" }, { "end": "1994-07-04", "description": "The marvelous Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi in Italy, at the Teatro Romano. Night Journey and Panorama are amazing to perform outdoors.
", "title": "Graham at Spoleto", "mapKeys": [ "Spoleto, Italy_Graham at Spoleto" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Night Journey with Peter London", "imgfile": "TLfoto0508.jpg", "height": 276 } ], "start": "1994-06-26" }, { "start": "1994-07-13", "description": "A lovely woman, generous teacher sharing her passion for dance, and stories of her years with Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo. ", "mapKeys": [ "_Mourning Nina Stroganova/Dokoudovsky" ], "title": "Mourning Nina Stroganova/Dokoudovsky" }, { "start": "1994-08-06", "end": "1994-08-14", "description": "In the beautiful countryside with great dance.", "mapKeys": [ "Lee, MA_Graham at the Pillow" ], "title": "Graham at the Pillow" }, { "start": "1994-09-01", "end": "1995-05-31", "description": "Wonderful to teach at this extraordinary conservatory, among a stellar faculty of fellow artists.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Juilliard School" ], "title": "The Juilliard School" }, { "end": "1994-10-09", "description": "Our New York season at BAM's Next Wave Festival at the Opera House - my second season performing the title role in Clytemnestra, and Dark Meadow and the solo Deep Song, and with Terese, Deaths and Entrances.
", "title": "Graham at BAM", "mapKeys": [ "Brooklyn, NY_Graham at BAM" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Clytemnestra family portrait", "imgfile": "TLfoto0107.jpg", "height": 499 }, { "caption": "Deep Song", "imgfile": "TLfoto0520.jpg", "height": 531 } ], "start": "1994-09-27" }, { "end": "1994-10-30", "description": "In the Midwest, with a residency at the University of Michigan, my alma mater.
", "title": "Martha Graham tour", "mapKeys": [ "MG fall 94" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Cave of the Heart", "imgfile": "TLfoto0105.jpg", "height": 321 } ], "start": "1994-10-12" }, { "description": "The birth of Buglisi Foreman Dance - Jacqulyn Buglisi, Donlin Foreman, Terese Capucilli and I presented our full evening Runes of the Heart, at Lincoln Center's Clark Studio Theater.
", "title": "Runes of the Heart", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Runes of the Heart" ], "datespan": "1994-12-08 To 1994-12-11", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0829.jpg", "height": 926 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0832.jpg", "height": 532 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0010.jpg", "height": 600 } ], "start": "1994-12-08" }, { "start": "1995-02-26", "end": "1995-03-18", "description": "Teaching company class for the Ballet Nacional, and for the School, in Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_With the Ballet Nacional" ], "title": "With the Ballet Nacional" }, { "end": "1995-06-05", "description": "We return to Asia, what a month of great eating and dancing and sightseeing. Wonderful to perform Deep Song, Cave of the Heart and Chronicle for these great audiences.
", "title": "Martha Graham in Asia ", "mapKeys": [ "MG Asia 95" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Hong Kong", "imgfile": "TLfoto1430.jpg", "height": 587 }, { "caption": "The Philippines", "imgfile": "TLfoto1431.jpg", "height": 322 }, { "caption": "in Thailand", "imgfile": "TLfoto1432.jpg", "height": 478 }, { "caption": "Thai temple dancers", "imgfile": "TLfoto1433.jpg", "height": 282 } ], "start": "1995-04-27" }, { "start": "1995-06-25", "end": "1995-07-16", "description": "Teaching company class for the Ballet Nacional, and at the Summer Intensive at the School, CENADAC, in Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_Dance in Mexico " ], "title": "Dance in Mexico " }, { "start": "1995-09-01", "end": "1996-05-31", "description": "This is an extraordinary conservatory, with a stellar faculty of fellow artists I am honored to work with.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Juilliard School" ], "title": "The Juilliard School" }, { "end": "1995-11-05", "description": "Snow on the Mesa, Robert Wilson's work for the Company - what an wonderful experience performing the speaking dancing role, the lady in red.
", "title": "Graham at the Kennedy Center", "mapKeys": [ "MG Ecoast" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0113.jpg", "height": 621 } ], "start": "1995-10-30" }, { "description": "At City Center Theater we perform Snow on the Mesa, Robert Wilson's work for the Company with Martha's Chronicle and Diversion of Angels.
", "title": "Graham in New York", "mapKeys": [ "New York, New York_Graham in New York" ], "datespan": "1995-11-09 To 1995-11-12", "slides": [ { "caption": "Spectre solo in Chronicle", "imgfile": "TLfoto0504.jpg", "height": 268 } ], "start": "1995-11-09" }, { "end": "1995-12-17", "description": "Radical Graham in France from Paris to N\u00eemes, great to perform Cave of the Heart, Embattled Garden, and Snow on the Mesa.
", "title": "Graham in France ", "mapKeys": [ "MG France 95" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1049.jpg", "height": 488 }, { "caption": "Andy Warhol's serigraph for Martha's 100th Birthday", "imgfile": "TLfoto1052.jpg", "height": 505 } ], "start": "1995-11-28" }, { "end": "1996-01-14", "description": "The first appearance of Buglisi Foreman Dance at the Joyce Theater in the Altogether Different Festival.
", "title": "Bare to the Wall ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Bare to the Wall " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "In Jacqulyn Buglisi's Molting", "imgfile": "TLfoto0008.jpg", "height": 516 }, { "caption": "with Kevin Predmore in Bare to the Wall", "imgfile": "TLfoto0836.jpg", "height": 287 } ], "start": "1996-01-09" }, { "start": "1996-01-20", "end": "1996-02-27", "description": "A quick tour in the US.", "mapKeys": [ "MG Winter 96" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour" }, { "start": "1996-03-24", "description": "A privilege to receive an Honorary Doctor of Arts from Shenandoah University, presented in a ceremony at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC.", "mapKeys": [ "Washington, DC_Honorary Doctor of Arts" ], "title": "Honorary Doctor of Arts" }, { "start": "1996-04-05", "end": "1996-04-19", "description": "European tour from Holland to Hungary, then on to the Northeastern US and a residency at Skidmore University.", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 96" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour " }, { "start": "1996-05-05", "end": "1996-05-12", "description": "Invited by Sally Bliss I adjudicated and directed the Festival performances of Dance St. Louis.", "mapKeys": [ "St. Louis, MO_Dance St. Louis" ], "title": "Dance St. Louis" }, { "end": "1996-06-07", "description": "With a CEC ArtsLink grant I returned to teach and produce a joint concert with Olga Bavdilovich's Dance Theater at Vladivostok's historic Gorky Theater, performing Martha's Lamentation and Jacqulyn Buglisi's Molting.
", "title": "Dancing in Siberia ", "mapKeys": [ "Vladivostok, Russia_Dancing in Siberia " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Molting", "imgfile": "TLfoto0118.jpg", "height": 271 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1252.jpg", "height": 551 } ], "start": "1996-05-18" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1466.jpg", "height": 295 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1468.jpg", "height": 609 } ], "start": "1996-06-21", "description": "Beautiful generous dancer, wonderful friend and partner. We miss him deeply onstage and off.
", "mapKeys": [ "_Mourning Bert Terborgh" ], "title": "Mourning Bert Terborgh" }, { "start": "1996-07-12", "end": "1996-08-23", "description": "A tour of European Festivals - Rome, Paris, Berlin and the Edinburgh Festival.", "mapKeys": [ "MG Summer 96" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour " }, { "start": "1996-08-15", "end": "1996-09-07", "description": "With the Ballet Nacional in Mexico, teaching at the Summer Intensive of the School in Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico.", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_CENADAC in Mexico" ], "title": "CENADAC in Mexico" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": "Holly on tour with Lee and Ken", "imgfile": "TLfoto1463.jpg", "height": 442 } ], "start": "1996-08-20", "description": "Holly is much missed - a great roommate on tour, sharing her love of fabric, food, photography - a quilter, music lover and generous friend. A wonderful costumer for Martha and many other Companies.
", "mapKeys": [ "_Mourning Holly Hollinger" ], "title": "Mourning Holly Hollinger" }, { "start": "1996-09-01", "end": "1997-05-31", "description": "My fellow faculty are amazing, and the students great to teach.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Juilliard School" ], "title": "The Juilliard School" }, { "start": "1997-01-13", "end": "1997-01-18", "description": "In residence at Shenandoah University at the invitation of Director, Elizabeth Bergmann, teaching and choreographing.", "mapKeys": [ "Shenandoah, VA_At Shenandoah University " ], "title": "At Shenandoah University " }, { "start": "1997-01-23", "end": "1997-02-11", "description": "Touring California up to Alaska. ", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 97" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour " }, { "description": "The Kennedy Center, premiere of Buglisi Foreman Dance's Runes of the Heart.
", "title": "Runes of the Heart ", "mapKeys": [ "Washington, DC_Runes of the Heart " ], "datespan": "1997-03-10 To 1997-03-12", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0127.jpg", "height": 410 } ], "start": "1997-03-10" }, { "end": "1997-03-23", "description": "We perform in France and at the Robert Wilson Festival in Antwerp Belgium - performing his work for the company, Snow on the Mesa.
", "title": "Snow on the Mesa", "mapKeys": [ "MG Europe 97" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "as the Lady in Red", "imgfile": "TLfoto0114.jpg", "height": 269 }, { "caption": "backstage", "imgfile": "TLfoto0115.jpg", "height": 290 } ], "start": "1997-03-14" }, { "start": "1997-03-24", "description": "At the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater, the premiere of my choreography Waywards, choreographed for the University of Shenandoah dancers.", "mapKeys": [ "Waywards" ], "title": "Waywards " }, { "start": "1997-05-19", "description": "Terese Capucilli and I named Associate Artistic Directors of the Martha Graham Dance Company.", "mapKeys": [ "_Associate Artistic Directors" ], "title": "Associate Artistic Directors" }, { "description": "We return to the Clark Studio Theater at Lincoln Center with the premiere of Jacqulyn's Frida.
", "title": "Buglisi Foreman in New York", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Buglisi Foreman in New York" ], "datespan": "1997-06-10 To 1997-06-14", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0119.jpg", "height": 260 } ], "start": "1997-06-10" }, { "start": "1997-07-02", "end": "1997-07-21", "description": "Terese and I take the company to the US West and then to Italy.", "mapKeys": [ "MG Summer 97" ], "title": "Martha Graham tour" }, { "start": "1997-08-11", "end": "1997-08-30", "description": "Enjoying another year teaching at the Summer Intensive at CENADAC, the School of the Ballet Nacional in Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico and for the company class of the Ballet National.", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_Summer In Mexico " ], "title": "Summer In Mexico " }, { "start": "1997-09-01", "end": "1998-05-31", "description": "What a pleasure to teach at this extraordinary conservatory, among a stellar faculty of fellow artists.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Juilliard School" ], "title": "The Juilliard School" }, { "end": "1999-06-30", "description": "Awarded a Rockefeller US/ Mexico Fund for Culture grant to choreograph, teach and research in Mexico with companies in Merida, Colima, and the Ballet Nacional in Quer\u00e9taro.
", "title": "Rockefeller US-Mexico Fund for Culture", "mapKeys": [ "_Rockefeller US-Mexico Fund for Culture" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Class in Merida", "imgfile": "TLfoto1244.jpg", "height": 522 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1245.jpg", "height": 530 }, { "caption": "new work Matlatemi rehearsal with Graciella", "imgfile": "TLfoto1246.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": "work in Merida", "imgfile": "TLfoto1247.jpg", "height": 530 } ], "start": "1997-11-03" }, { "start": "1997-11-03", "end": "1997-11-21", "description": "Teaching for the Compa\u00f1\u00eda de Danza Contempor\u00e1nea in Merida, Mexico, and for the IV Festival Nacional de Danza Oc\u2019Ohtic (Lo bailamos, lo danzamos).", "mapKeys": [ "M\u00e9rida, Yucat\u00e1n, Mexico_In the Yucat\u00e1n" ], "title": "In the Yucat\u00e1n" }, { "start": "1998-01-13", "end": "1998-02-02", "description": "The Company tours France and to Austria ", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 98" ], "title": "Graham Tours Europe" }, { "start": "1998-03-01", "end": "1998-03-21", "description": "Teaching company class and for the School of the Ballet Nacionalin Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_With the Ballet Nacional" ], "title": "With the Ballet Nacional" }, { "start": "1998-05-10", "end": "1998-05-17", "description": "The Graham Company performs in the footsteps of an historic earlier appearance at the Library of Congress.", "mapKeys": [ "Washington, DC_At the Library of Congress" ], "title": "At the Library of Congress" }, { "end": "1998-06-02", "description": "My first visit to Colima, on the Pacific side of Mexico, at the Universidad de Colima. At the invitation of Rafael Zamarripa, extraordinary artist and director. I worked with his Ballet Folkl\u00f3rico and Univerdanza, the contemporary dance company.
", "title": "In Colima, Mexico ", "mapKeys": [ "Colima, Mexico_In Colima, Mexico " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "with Zamarripa and his Company", "imgfile": "TLfoto1514.jpg", "height": 246 }, { "caption": "enjoying a Zamarripa sculpture on campus", "imgfile": "TLfoto1518.jpg", "height": 510 } ], "start": "1998-05-18" }, { "end": "1998-06-22", "description": "The Company travels to Italy and Greece performing Martha's Errand into the Maze, Sketches from Chronicle, Acts of Light and Susan Stroman's work for the Company, But Not For Me.
", "title": "Graham Company Tour", "mapKeys": [ "MG Summer 98" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "in Spectre, solo in Chronicle", "imgfile": "TLfoto0511.jpg", "height": 394 } ], "start": "1998-06-14" }, { "end": "1998-09-05", "description": "With Guillermina Bravo's Ballet Nacional, I teach the International Summer Intensive and begin choreographing what will be Boca de las Piedras.
", "title": "Summer in Mexico ", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_Summer in Mexico " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Martin and Beto Boca de las Piedras", "imgfile": "TLfoto0707.jpg", "height": 258 }, { "caption": "Tequiesquiapan", "imgfile": "TLfoto0423.jpg", "height": 291 }, { "caption": "Patzcuaro", "imgfile": "TLfoto0422.jpg", "height": 288 } ], "start": "1998-08-03" }, { "start": "1998-09-01", "end": "1999-05-31", "description": "Wonderful to teach at this extraordinary conservatory, among a stellar faculty of fellow artists.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Juilliard School" ], "title": "The Juilliard School" }, { "start": "1998-10-23", "datespan": "1998-10-23 To 1998-10-25", "description": "A Season of Premieres, at the John Jay Theater. Jacqulyn's Red Hills premieres, Donlin and I premiere his So I May Say and Terese premieres Jacqulyn's Against All Odds. ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Buglisi Foreman in New York" ], "title": "Buglisi Foreman in New York" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1025.jpg", "height": 524 } ], "start": "1998-12-02", "description": "A great ballet teacher, mentor, friend, Vladimir Alexevitch Dokoudovsky of the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo dies. His wife Patricia continues his teaching tradition at their school, The New York Conservatory of Dance.
", "mapKeys": [ "_Dokoudovsky dies" ], "title": "Dokoudovsky dies" }, { "end": "1999-12-31", "description": "Beginning my year as a Fulbright Garcia Robles Senior Scholar to continue choreography, teaching and research in Mexico with the Ballet Nacional and its school in Quer\u00e9taro and in Merida, Yucat\u00e1n.
", "title": "Fulbright Scholar", "mapKeys": [ "_Fulbright Scholar" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Quer\u00e9taro with Juan de Dios", "imgfile": "TLfoto0882.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "Quer\u00e9taro", "imgfile": "TLfoto1220.jpg", "height": 579 }, { "caption": "in Yucat\u00e1n", "imgfile": "TLfoto1240.jpg", "height": 486 } ], "start": "1999-01-01" }, { "start": "1999-01-27", "datespan": "1999-01-27 To 1999-01-30", "description": "A fan and friend of Wally's, it was a thrill and challenge to do his work, performing in his Open House 01 at Dance Theater Workshop.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY,_With Wally Cardona " ], "title": "With Wally Cardona " }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1455.jpg", "height": 306 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1068.jpg", "height": 317 } ], "start": "1999-02-01", "description": "We leave our Martha Graham studio building on East 63rd St. It is to be torn down, we are homeless.
", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_grief at 63rd St. " ], "title": "grief at 63rd St. " }, { "end": "1999-02-21", "description": "The Company's New York season, three weeks at the Joyce Theater. Performing in our revivals of Herodiade, Dark Meadow, Night Journey was a deep pleasure.
", "title": "Graham in New York ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Dark Meadow", "imgfile": "TLfoto0301.jpg", "height": 400 } ], "start": "1999-02-02" }, { "start": "1999-03-30", "end": "1999-04-17", "description": "Continuing my Fulbright work teaching in Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico with the Ballet Nacional.", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_In Mexico " ], "title": "In Mexico " }, { "end": "1999-05-23", "description": "Preparing for the premiere of Boca de las Piedras, the work for Ballet Nacional de Mexico, funded by the Rockefeller US/Mexico Fund for Culture Grant, grew from the travel, work and study in Mexico, and the delight in working with these dancers and with composer Eduardo Gonz\u00e1lez, who wrote the score. It premiered at the Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico City during the Festival Danza Contempor\u00e1nea Milenium.
", "title": " Boca de las Piedras", "mapKeys": [ "Boca" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Ra\u00fal Almeida", "imgfile": "TLfoto0706.jpg", "height": 586 }, { "caption": "Ra\u00fal and Juan de Dios Torquemada", "imgfile": "TLfoto0702.jpg", "height": 582 }, { "caption": "Juan de Dios and company", "imgfile": "TLfoto0713.jpg", "height": 313 } ], "start": "1999-05-02" }, { "end": "1999-05-29", "description": "The Graham Company performs at the Barbican Theater with full orchestra and marvelous repertory
", "title": "Graham in London", "mapKeys": [ "London, England_Graham in London" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Errand into the Maze with Larry White", "imgfile": "TLfoto0620.jpg", "height": 544 } ], "start": "1999-05-23" }, { "end": "1999-07-10", "description": "With a grant from Mexico's FONCA in collaboration with Ballet Contempor\u00e1neo de Yucat\u00e1n, and its Director Graciella Torres Polanco. I beginning choreography, a work to be called Matlatemi, for the company and continue research and travel around the Yucat\u00e1n .
", "title": "In the Yucat\u00e1n", "mapKeys": [ "M\u00e9rida, Yucat\u00e1n, Mexico_In the Yucat\u00e1n" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1241.jpg", "height": 503 } ], "start": "1999-06-14" }, { "end": "1999-08-21", "description": "Teaching company class and at the Summer Intensive at the School of the Ballet Nacional in Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico
", "title": "With the Ballet Nacional in Mexico", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_With the Ballet Nacional in Mexico" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0881.jpg", "height": 262 } ], "start": "1999-08-01" }, { "end": "1999-08-31", "description": "Buglisi Foreman Dance performs at the Festival in San Marino, spectacular ancient mountain-top republic.
", "title": "Buglisi Foreman in Italy", "mapKeys": [ "San Marino_Buglisi Foreman in Italy" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1336.jpg", "height": 584 } ], "start": "1999-08-26" }, { "start": "1999-09-01", "end": "2000-05-31", "description": "Teaching at this extraordinary conservatory continues to be a pleasure.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Juilliard School" ], "title": "The Juilliard School" }, { "start": "1999-10-22", "end": "1999-10-31", "description": "Buglisi Foreman Dance is featured at the Melbourne Festival in Australia.", "mapKeys": [ "Melbourne, Australia_At the Melbourne Festival " ], "title": "At the Melbourne Festival " }, { "end": "1999-11-19", "description": "The Graham Company returns to the Library of Congress to celebrate Appalachian Spring and an all American program, then travels to France.
", "title": "Graham at the Library of Congress", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 99" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "performing Heretic", "imgfile": "TLfoto1801.jpg", "height": 229 } ], "start": "1999-11-14" }, { "end": "2000-04-27", "description": "We tour from coast to coast with a program of Martha's great American - inspired works, with scores by American composers.
", "title": "Graham Company Tour ", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 00" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "performing Deep Song", "imgfile": "TLfoto0413.jpg", "height": 499 } ], "start": "2000-01-19" }, { "start": "2000-03-13", "end": "2000-03-20", "description": "The company performs in Paris at the Alexandre Dumas Theatre.", "mapKeys": [ "Paris, France_Buglisi Foreman in France" ], "title": "Buglisi Foreman in France" }, { "description": "Our Buglisi Foreman Dance season at the John Jay Theater, and we were honored to have the delightful Claire Bloom our guest artist and premiered Jacqulyn's Suspended Women with a cast of some of the most exciting women dancers around.
", "title": "Buglisi Foreman in New York ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Buglisi Foreman in New York " ], "datespan": "2000-05-04 To 2000-05-07", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0121.jpg", "height": 222 } ], "start": "2000-05-04" }, { "start": "2000-05-25", "description": "The Martha Graham Dance Company suspends operations and our legal challenges begin. ", "mapKeys": [ "_Graham suspended" ], "title": "Graham suspended" }, { "end": "2000-06-28", "description": "Preparing the dancers at Ballet Contempor\u00e1neo de M\u00e9rida to open Matlatemi: en pugno las piedras. Fruit of research with the help of Mayan scholars and Dir. Graciella Torres Polanco. Matlatemi premiered at the Teatro Peon Contreras with a set built by Steve Mauer and a beautiful drop designed and painted by Eduardo Lemus.
", "title": "Matlatemi ", "mapKeys": [ "M\u00e9rida, Yucat\u00e1n, Mexico_Matlatemi " ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0755.jpg", "height": 589 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0756.jpg", "height": 468 } ], "start": "2000-06-14" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0751.jpg", "height": 262 } ], "start": "2000-07-26", "description": "Matlatemi: en pugno las piedras is performed at the Festival Internacional de Sn. Luis Potos\u00ed, Mexico.
", "mapKeys": [ "Sn. Luis Potos\u00ed, Mexico_Matlatemi in Sn. Luis Potosi" ], "title": "Matlatemi in Sn. Luis Potosi" }, { "start": "2000-09-01", "end": "2001-05-31", "description": "Teaching with the extraordinary faculty,and the talented students.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_At The Juilliard School" ], "title": "At The Juilliard School" }, { "start": "2000-12-15", "description": "Honored to be invited by Benjamin Harkarvy to the Emerging American Masters Choreographers program at The Juilliard School, with Buglisi Foreman Dance I perform Field of Loves.", "mapKeys": [ "_BFD at Juilliard" ], "title": "BFD at Juilliard" }, { "description": "My first visit to Harvard University, for the Learning from Performers Program - Office of the Arts at Harvard, I was a week in residence for master classes and a talk, The Martha Graham Legacy: Perspectives on a Career in Dance\"- with Elizabeth Bergmann, director of the Office of the Arts. I was impressed with the intelligence, talent and curiosity of the students.
", "title": "Guest At Harvard", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Guest At Harvard" ], "datespan": "2001-01-08 To 2001-01-12", "slides": [ { "caption": "with Martha and Company", "imgfile": "TLfoto0625.jpg", "height": 474 }, { "caption": "with Liz Bergmann", "imgfile": "TLfoto1034.jpg", "height": 264 } ], "start": "2001-01-08" }, { "start": "2001-01-31", "datespan": "2001-01-31 To 2001-02-04", "description": "For our Buglisi Foreman Dance New York season at the New Victory Theater on Broadway, we premiere Donlin's Mean 'ole World and Jacqulyn's Sand.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Buglisi Foreman Dance in NY " ], "title": "Buglisi Foreman Dance in NY " }, { "start": "2001-04-25", "end": "2001-05-01", "description": "What fun to be a part of Jacques D'Amboise's extraordinary National Dance Institute; with Terese, Donlin, and Jacques' thousands of wonderful kids.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_NDI" ], "title": "NDI" }, { "start": "2001-06-19", "end": "2001-06-25", "description": "Lovely to be at Jacob's Pillow and we were privileged to have Claire Bloom once again with Buglisi Foreman Dance.", "mapKeys": [ "Lee, MA_Buglisi Foreman Dance at the Pillow" ], "title": "Buglisi Foreman Dance at the Pillow" }, { "start": "2001-08-06", "end": "2001-08-25", "description": "While teaching this year's Summer Intensive for the Ballet Nacional in Quer\u00e9taro, an emotional celebration with the dancers when we learned the court decision had given the Graham Company the right to use the name and for us to continue our Graham school. The Ballet Nacional dancers spoke for the whole dance world, celebrating our winning what is considered an international patrimony of dance. We continue the fight for ownership of the dances.", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_Summer in Mexico " ], "title": "Summer in Mexico " }, { "start": "2001-09-01", "end": "2002-05-31", "description": "A pleasure to teach at this conservatory, among a stellar faculty of fellow artists.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_At The Juilliard School" ], "title": "At The Juilliard School" }, { "description": "An honor to receive the Alumni Award, Citation of Merit from my alma mater, the University of Michigan, presented to me by Gay Delanghe.
", "title": "U. of M. Alumni Award", "mapKeys": [ "Ann Arbor, MI_U. of M. Alumni Award" ], "datespan": "2001-10-26 To 2001-10-27", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1021.jpg", "height": 317 } ], "start": "2001-10-26" }, { "end": "2003-05-31", "description": "A second Rockefeller U.S. Mexico Fund for Culture grant - to study teach and choreograph in Mexico.
", "title": "Rockefeller Mexico/US Fund for Culture Grant", "mapKeys": [ "_Rockefeller Mexico/US Fund for Culture Grant" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "in Oaxaca City", "imgfile": "TLfoto0812.jpg", "height": 507 }, { "caption": "in Quer\u00e9taro", "imgfile": "TLfoto0421.jpg", "height": 276 } ], "start": "2002-02-01" }, { "end": "2002-02-10", "description": "Our New York season at the Joyce Theater , we premiere Jacqulyn's Requiem dancing with five gorgeous women, beautiful music, light and costumes.
", "title": "Buglisi Foreman Dance in NY ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Buglisi Foreman Dance in NY " ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0418.jpg", "height": 473 } ], "start": "2002-02-04" }, { "end": "2002-03-16", "description": "Teaching company class and studying in Quer\u00e9taro, I begin another work for the Ballet Nacional.
", "title": "At Ballet Nacional", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_At Ballet Nacional" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1221.jpg", "height": 264 } ], "start": "2002-02-25" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1235.jpg", "height": 712 } ], "start": "2002-03-30", "description": "Ben was mentor, friend and a phenomenal leader of the Juilliard School's Dance Division.
", "mapKeys": [ "_Benjamin Harkarvy dies" ], "title": "Benjamin Harkarvy dies" }, { "start": "2002-05-09", "description": "We take a dare among the legal challenges. A gala program, Indisputably Martha Graham at City Center - Our newly constituted company, Terese and I, with friends and supporters from the entire dance world, celebrate what might have been the end of the Graham Company but marked its new beginning. ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Indisputably Martha Graham " ], "title": "Indisputably Martha Graham " }, { "end": "2002-06-16", "description": "Wonderful to return to work with Rafael Zamarripa and his Ballet Folkl\u00f3rico and Univerdanza at the Universidad de Colima.
", "title": "In Colima", "mapKeys": [ "Colima, Mexico_In Colima" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1515.jpg", "height": 300 } ], "start": "2002-06-02" }, { "end": "2002-06-21", "description": "Teaching for the Campania de Danza Contempor\u00e1nea de Yucat\u00e1n, and traveling the Mayan ruins.
", "title": "In Merida", "mapKeys": [ "M\u00e9rida, Yucat\u00e1n, Mexico_In Merida" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1242.jpg", "height": 474 } ], "start": "2002-06-16" }, { "end": "2002-09-01", "description": "Teaching the Summer Intensive, and company class for the Ballet Nacional, continuing work on U\u00f1as y Dientes, solo with men's chorus, for Jaime Blanc.
", "title": "With the Ballet Nacional", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_With the Ballet Nacional" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0740.jpg", "height": 267 } ], "start": "2002-08-04" }, { "start": "2002-09-01", "end": "2003-05-31", "description": "After ten wonderful years here, at the end of this year I take a leave of absence - to continue as Artistic Director of the Graham Company. ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_At The Juilliard School" ], "title": "At The Juilliard School" }, { "end": "2002-11-26", "description": "Our wonderful reborn Company celebrates its first New York season, three weeks at the Joyce Theater with live music, and revivals of works unseen for many years. Terese and my first NY season as Artistic Directors of the Martha Graham Dance Company.
", "title": "Graham in NY", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in NY" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1036.jpg", "height": 566 } ], "start": "2002-11-07" }, { "end": "2003-02-02", "description": "Martha Graham Dance Company New York Season at the Joyce Theater; our second season as Artistic Directors, Terese and I revive Phaedra and Dark Meadow, working with the Noguchi Foundation to retrieve the original look of the sets. The Washington Post picked this season as number one of the \"10 Best of the decade: Dance\".
", "title": "Graham in New York ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Phaedra", "imgfile": "TLfoto0306.jpg", "height": 444 }, { "caption": "Dark Meadow", "imgfile": "TLfoto0502.jpg", "height": 275 } ], "start": "2003-01-21" }, { "start": "2003-02-25", "end": "2003-03-02", "description": "Buglisi Foreman Dance New York Season at the Joyce Theater. ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Buglisi Foreman Dance in New York" ], "title": "Buglisi Foreman Dance in New York" }, { "start": "2003-03-30", "end": "2003-04-06", "description": "A residency of lecture demonstrations and performance. On behalf of the Company I accept a citation from the city of Miami designating April 2 as Martha Graham Day. ", "mapKeys": [ "Miami, FL_Graham in Miami" ], "title": "Graham in Miami" }, { "end": "2003-05-01", "description": "In Quer\u00e9taro I prepare for the premiere of U\u00f1as y Dientes. The work for the Ballet Nacional premieres at Centro Nacional de las Artes el Dia de la Danza Internacional en la Ciudad de M\u00e9xico. It is a work for friend and colleague Jaime Blanc. In July it is performed at Mexico's Festival Internacional Sn. Luis Potos\u00ed.
", "title": "U\u00f1as y Dientes", "mapKeys": [ "Unas" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0741.jpg", "height": 267 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0743.jpg", "height": 267 } ], "start": "2003-04-13" }, { "start": "2003-06-14", "description": "The Graham Company performs at the Jacob's Pillow season opening gala.", "mapKeys": [ "Lee, MA_Graham at the Pillow " ], "title": "Graham at the Pillow " }, { "start": "2003-09-10", "end": "2003-11-07", "description": "A Martha Graham Dance Company US Tour of California, Washington and New York State.", "mapKeys": [ "MG Fall 03" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour " }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1062.jpg", "height": 545 } ], "start": "2003-09-19", "description": "An honor and surprise to receive this award from dance colleagues. The award citation written by director of DTW, David R. White, is eloquent and moving.
For breaking the mold in carrying the torch, a Sustained Achievement against all odds of legend, time and backstage sturm und drang in inheriting and re-imagining the defining passions and furious mythic women of Martha Graham, a performing life and mission steered dazzlingly close to the flame.
", "mapKeys": [ "_The \"Bessie\"" ], "title": "The \"Bessie\"" }, { "end": "2003-11-23", "description": "London's Sadler's Wells Theater hosts the Martha Graham Dance Company with orchestra.
", "title": "Graham in London ", "mapKeys": [ "London, England_Graham in London " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "dancing Phaedra", "imgfile": "TLfoto0403.jpg", "height": 574 }, { "caption": "with Brenda Nieto", "imgfile": "TLfoto1100.jpg", "height": 643 } ], "start": "2003-11-16" }, { "start": "2004-01-24", "end": "2004-02-01", "description": "Dancing with Buglisi Foreman Dance. Our New York season, performing Requiem, Sospiri, and the premiere of Jacqulyn's Rain.", "mapKeys": [ "_Buglisi Foreman at the Joyce " ], "title": "Buglisi Foreman at the Joyce " }, { "start": "2004-02-18", "end": "2004-03-03", "description": "We toured Italy from North to South, Udine to Calabria.", "mapKeys": [ "MG Italy 04" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour " }, { "start": "2004-02-29", "description": "Americans for the Arts 17th Annual Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts and Public Policy. The Martha Graham Dance Company performs and an honor to meet Edward Kennedy and Doris Kearns Goodwin. ", "mapKeys": [ "Washington, DC_Graham invited to Washington DC" ], "title": "Graham invited to Washington DC" }, { "end": "2004-04-26", "description": "The Martha Graham Dance Company at the City Center Theater, with our revival of The Owl and the Pussycat - what a pleasure to work with and coach Andre Leon Talley in the narrator role Liza Minnelli originated. What a great opening night gala!
", "title": "Graham in New York ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Andre on stage", "imgfile": "TLfoto1059.jpg", "height": 600 }, { "caption": "with Andre in rehearsal", "imgfile": "TLfoto1055.jpg", "height": 485 }, { "caption": "Gala with Brenda in my Cavalli original", "imgfile": "TLfoto1107.jpg", "height": 640 }, { "caption": "with Brenda and Alejandro", "imgfile": "TLfoto1106.jpg", "height": 1024 }, { "caption": "with Steve", "imgfile": "TLfoto1108.jpg", "height": 349 } ], "start": "2004-04-14" }, { "start": "2004-07-24", "datespan": "2004-07-24 To 2004-07-27", "description": "Wonderful to perform with our Buglisi Foreman Dance repertory at the Pillow.", "mapKeys": [ "Lee, MA_At Jacob's Pillow with BFD" ], "title": "At Jacob's Pillow with BFD" }, { "end": "2004-10-25", "description": "We tour the West, California through Oregon.
", "title": "Graham Company Tour ", "mapKeys": [ "MG US 04" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1470.jpg", "height": 588 } ], "start": "2004-09-07" }, { "start": "2005-01-28", "end": "2005-04-01", "description": "A tour from New Jersey to Texas and Florida to California.", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 05" ], "title": "Graham Company Tour" }, { "start": "2005-02-15", "end": "2005-02-20", "description": "The performed and was filmed for the Distance Learning Program with the Lecture/Demonstration I created and narrated for this excellent educational program. ", "mapKeys": [ "Washington, DC_Graham Company at the Kennedy Center " ], "title": "Graham Company at the Kennedy Center " }, { "end": "2005-04-17", "description": "The New York season at the City Center Theater, performing our revival of Primitive Mysteries with the women of the Martha Graham Dance Company was amazing. Our invited choreographer Martha Clarke's Sue\u00f1o was stunning. Honored to meet artist LeRoy Neiman who becomes a friend and great supporter.
", "title": "Graham in New York", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Graham in New York" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Primitive Mysteries with Carrie Ellmore and Jennifer Conley", "imgfile": "TLfoto0305.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "with LeRoy in his studio", "imgfile": "TLfoto1031.jpg", "height": 603 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1066.jpg", "height": 527 } ], "start": "2005-04-04" }, { "start": "2005-05-02", "end": "2005-05-15", "description": "With the Martha Graham Dance Company, what a pleasure to be a part of the Virginia Arts Festival, working with Rob Cross. Performing, outreach teaching and creating inter-arts programs.", "mapKeys": [ "MG Spring 05" ], "title": "Graham at Virginia Arts " }, { "end": "2005-08-27", "description": "Teaching at the Summer Intensive in Quer\u00e9taro , at CENADAC. More than a decade of dance with this organization, and Eduardo Gonz\u00e1lez comes from Mexico City to play for me. An honor to have la Maestra Guillermina in class as always.
", "title": "CENADAC in Mexico ", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_CENADAC in Mexico " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "with director Guillermina Bravo", "imgfile": "TLfoto0886.jpg", "height": 267 }, { "caption": "La Maestra in class", "imgfile": "TLfoto0883.jpg", "height": 595 } ], "start": "2005-08-13" }, { "description": "Friend of many years, the Bolshoi/NY City Ballet star Leonid Kozlov, inaugurates his Youth Dance Festival of New Jersey. I judge and teach master classes, inviting friends from Buglisi Dance, Battleworks and Cedar Lake to perform.
", "title": "Kozlov International ", "mapKeys": [ "Hackensack, NJ_Kozlov International " ], "datespan": "2005-10-04 To 2005-10-05", "slides": [ { "caption": "Helen Hansen and Junichi Fukuda in Jacqulyn Buglisi's Sospiri", "imgfile": "TLfoto0821.jpg", "height": 388 } ], "start": "2005-10-04" }, { "start": "2006-01-01", "end": "2006-06-30", "description": "Teaching the lecture/lab course I developed for Harvard University - The Artist Revealed; Martha Graham's Work and Creative Process.", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Harvard University Lecturer " ], "title": "Harvard University Lecturer " }, { "start": "2006-03-14", "end": "2006-05-30", "description": "Intense workshop, creative period for Martha Clarke's work about the founder of the Shakers, Ann Lee; singing, acting, dancing with a spectacular cast. ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Ann the Word" ], "title": "Ann the Word" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1035.jpg", "height": 508 } ], "start": "2006-08-01", "description": "A beautiful glorious woman, dancer and inspired teacher, choreographer. From my first dance experience in Ann Arbor Dance Theater, showing the way as artist and in life.
", "mapKeys": [ "Ann Arbor, MI_Mourning Gay Delanghe" ], "title": "Mourning Gay Delanghe" }, { "start": "2006-09-20", "end": "2007-05-30", "description": "I am honored to follow in Martha Graham's path, teaching dance at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Neighborhood Playhouse" ], "title": "The Neighborhood Playhouse" }, { "description": "The second year of Kozlov International Youth Dance Festival of New Jersey, judging and teaching. Friends from Buglisi Dance Theatre and Battleworks perform.
", "title": "Kozlov International ", "mapKeys": [ "Hackensack, NJ_Kozlov International " ], "datespan": "2006-10-07 To 2006-10-08", "slides": [ { "caption": "Samuel Roberts and George Smallwood in Robert Battle's Strange Humors", "imgfile": "TLfoto0822.jpg", "height": 253 } ], "start": "2006-10-07" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1037.jpg", "height": 300 } ], "start": "2006-11-04", "description": "Proyecto Lamentaci\u00f3n, a performance in the 19th century opera house, Teatro Ju\u00e1rez in Guanajuato, Mexico. Produced by Alejandro Chavez. Accompanying me is musician/composer Eduardo Gonz\u00e1lez.
", "mapKeys": [ "Guanajuato, Mexico_Proyecto Lamentaci\u00f3n" ], "title": "Proyecto Lamentaci\u00f3n" }, { "start": "2007-03-06", "end": "2007-05-02", "description": "Art and Craft of Performance, teaching for Henry Van Kuiken, University of Michigan friend, at his dance department at Richard Stockton College in New Jersey.", "mapKeys": [ "Pomona, NJ_At Stockton College" ], "title": "At Stockton College" }, { "start": "2007-03-13", "end": "2007-03-18", "description": "At the Buglisi Dance Theatre Joyce New York season I narrated the new work of Jacqulyn's, Acapelorus (A Walrus Tale).", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Buglisi Dance Theatre in New York" ], "title": "Buglisi Dance Theatre in New York" }, { "start": "2007-06-13", "end": "2007-06-20", "description": "Interviewed by Alice Helpern for the Oral History project of the Lincoln Center Library of the Performing Arts. The library's collection, a part of The Jerome Robbins Dance Division of The New York Public Library, is a fantastic resource whose Oral History project includes interviews with dance and theater greats including many greats of the Martha Graham Dance Company. It is an honor to be included among them.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Performing Arts Oral History Project" ], "title": "Performing Arts Oral History Project" }, { "start": "2007-07-23", "end": "2007-08-03", "description": "I return to Quer\u00e9taro in Mexico to teach for the International Summer Intensive Course at CENADAC.", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_Summer at CENADAC" ], "title": "Summer at CENADAC" }, { "end": "2008-06-30", "description": "An incredible year as a Fellow of Harvard University's Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.
", "title": "Radcliffe Fellowship at Harvard ", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Radcliffe Fellowship at Harvard " ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0840.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "with fellow Fellows", "imgfile": "TLfoto0845.jpg", "height": 300 } ], "start": "2007-09-01" }, { "end": "2007-12-15", "description": "With the second year students we continue developing movement studies with text readings at The The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.
", "title": "The Neighborhood Playhouse ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Neighborhood Playhouse " ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0991.jpg", "height": 284 } ], "start": "2007-09-15" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1104.jpg", "height": 263 } ], "start": "2007-09-16", "description": "A celebration of Carol's life - a deeply beautiful person, dancer, choreographer and teacher. We clowned, danced, lived together at the University of Michigan. Her joy, generosity and talents always inspired and buoyed me.
", "mapKeys": [ "_Mourning Carol Richard" ], "title": "Mourning Carol Richard" }, { "description": "Judge and master teacher for the third annual Youth Dance Festival of New Jersey. Guest artist Samuel Roberts performs.
", "title": "Kozlov International ", "mapKeys": [ "Hackensack, NJ_Kozlov International " ], "datespan": "2007-10-06 To 2007-10-07", "slides": [ { "caption": "Samuel Roberts in Robert Battle's solo for him Inside", "imgfile": "TLfoto0823.jpg", "height": 267 } ], "start": "2007-10-06" }, { "description": "
Clay Body, Human Body: the practice of art - a workshop and performance, accompanied by pianist Louis Stewart organized with Nancy Selvage, Director of the Ceramics Program at Harvard, with renowned potter, deep ecologist, former Martha Graham dancer, Paulus Berensohn, and including performance artist Rachel Cohen.
", "title": "Clay Body, Human Body", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Clay Body, Human Body" ], "datespan": "2007-10-20 To 2007-10-21", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1901.jpg", "height": 265 } ], "start": "2007-10-20" }, { "description": "Setting and performing Martha Graham\u2019s Heretic at Harvard.
", "title": "Heretic ", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Heretic " ], "datespan": "2007-12-07 To 2007-12-08", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1808.jpg", "height": 267 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1814.jpg", "height": 267 } ], "start": "2007-12-07" }, { "end": "2008-01-23", "description": "We spend two weeks in Colima, Mexico filming La Voz del Cuerpo/The Body Speaks with an international cast of dancers and musicians. This project, a labor of love, begins to be realized.
", "title": "Filming La Voz del Cuerpo", "mapKeys": [ "Colima, Mexico_Filming La Voz del Cuerpo" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1557.jpg", "height": 293 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1566.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1590.jpg", "height": 300 } ], "start": "2008-01-08" }, { "start": "2008-03-10", "datespan": "2008-03-10 To 2008-03-13", "description": "Lecture and performance, Pat Daugherty accompanies me to play our classes and performance - we promote the upcoming inaugural year of danz.fest.", "mapKeys": [ "Bologna, Italy_At the University of Bologna" ], "title": "At the University of Bologna" }, { "start": "2008-04-24", "description": "A lecture at Harvard University for classics Prof. Francesca Schironi - \u2018Reception of Oedipus Rex\u2018; Night Journey; Martha Graham's transformation of the Oedipus Rex.", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Lecture at Harvard " ], "title": "Lecture at Harvard " }, { "description": "It is an honor to be presented this Honorary Doctorate by the University of Colima in Mexico. It represents more than 20 years work and play in the Mexican dance community and the special relationship with this University and its Director Rafael Zamarripa.
", "title": "Doctorado de Honoris Causa", "mapKeys": [ "Colima, Mexico_Doctorado de Honoris Causa" ], "datespan": "2008-06-03 To 2008-06-07", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1508.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1521.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1525.jpg", "height": 344 } ], "start": "2008-06-03" }, { "start": "2008-07-01", "end": "2008-07-30", "description": "Choreography for friend Geoffrey Armes, a music/video on the life of Noor.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Noor" ], "title": "Noor" }, { "end": "2008-07-20", "description": "With friends of many years the Guaraldi's, our plans for a summer festival has its first appearance. Joining master teachers of three rigorous techniques, danz.fest, in Cattolica, Italy, brings together Graham, Butoh and Ballet. Terese joins me and from Mexico, musician Eduardo Gonz\u00e1lez. Elena Albano translates for the festival and brings her marvelous students.
", "title": "danz.fest ", "mapKeys": [ "Cattolica, Italy_danz.fest " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Butoh demonstration", "imgfile": "TLfoto0924.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "Graham students perform", "imgfile": "TLfoto0941.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "our Italian coast", "imgfile": "TLfoto0912.jpg", "height": 300 } ], "start": "2008-07-07" }, { "end": "2009-05-15", "description": "Teaching movement for actors at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.
", "title": "The Neighborhood Playhouse", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Neighborhood Playhouse" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0990.jpg", "height": 319 } ], "start": "2008-09-16" }, { "description": "Judge and master teacher for the fourth annual Kozlov International Youth Dance Festival of New Jersey. Many of Leonid and Adriana's students from Aruba attend, adding to the wonderful international stew of kids and parents.
", "title": "Kozlov International", "mapKeys": [ "Hackensack, NJ_Kozlov International" ], "datespan": "2008-10-04 To 2008-10-05", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0826.jpg", "height": 250 } ], "start": "2008-10-04" }, { "end": "2009-06-30", "description": "Rite of Spring, the nexus of art and ritual a second course created for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences - exploring art and ritual, in dance and in our lives with a diverse and fascinating group of students.
", "title": "Harvard University Lecturer ", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Harvard University Lecturer " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Rite of Spring", "imgfile": "TLfoto0628.jpg", "height": 267 }, { "caption": "with guest lecturer, Alma Guillermoprieto in class", "imgfile": "TLfoto0864.jpg", "height": 307 } ], "start": "2009-01-06" }, { "end": "2009-04-18", "description": "A delight to perform in and help Jaime Blanc in setting and rehearsing his La Consagraci\u00f3n de la Primavera, for the Harvard Contemporary Dance Ensemble.
", "title": "La Consagraci\u00f3n de la Primavera", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_La Consagraci\u00f3n de la Primavera" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0794.jpg", "height": 266 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0890.jpg", "height": 313 } ], "start": "2009-01-10" }, { "description": "Circe; the animal in man. A talk and video presentation on Martha Graham's reception of Odysseus at the Humanities Center, Harvard University. For the Seminar : \"The Reception of Odysseus in Literature, Art, and Music.\" Organized by Co-chairs Francesca Schironi & Richard Thomas \u2013 Faculty, Department of Classics, Harvard University.
", "title": "Circe at Harvard", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Circe at Harvard" ], "datespan": "2009-04-24 To 2009-04-25", "slides": [ { "caption": "Ken Topping with Virginie M\u00e9c\u00e8ne in Martha's Circe", "imgfile": "TLfoto0311.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "Christophe Jeannot in Circe", "imgfile": "TLfoto0310.jpg", "height": 300 } ], "start": "2009-04-24" }, { "start": "2009-05-15", "datespan": "2009-05-15 To 2009-05-17", "description": "\"Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, 1909-1929; Twenty Years That Changed the World of Art\" - an exhibition and symposium organized by The Harvard Theater Collection, Director, Fredric Woodbridge Wilson, Curator. I spoke on the closing day panel led by George Jackson: Ballet Russes Redivivus: Restaging, Revival, and Reconstruction about my experience as artistic director of theMartha Graham Dance Company.", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Diaghilev Symposium" ], "title": "Diaghilev Symposium" }, { "start": "2009-05-18", "datespan": "2009-05-18 To 2009-05-21", "description": "Locomotion/Emotion, Jane Wang and I organized this seminar to explore perception of motion and dynamics of beauty. The high power group of artists and scientists made a fascinating beginning on questions connecting art and science. Sponsored by the Radcliffe Institute.", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Locomotion/Emotion" ], "title": "Locomotion/Emotion" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1207.jpg", "height": 340 } ], "start": "2009-06-26", "description": "We celebrate the life and work of Pearl Lang, part of the fiber of the Graham history. A mentor and teacher, from 1972, who with her wonderful husband Joe Wiseman, taught me so much about theater and dance.
", "mapKeys": [ "New York, NY_Memorial for Pearl Lang" ], "title": "Memorial for Pearl Lang" }, { "description": "The second year of danz.fest, with more students and more courses - Pat Daugherty and Eduardo Gonz\u00e1lez coming to play for classes, Terese and Elena Albano, teaching, with Elizabeth Bergmann from Harvard joining us for the first time.
", "title": "danz.fest ", "mapKeys": [ "Cattolica, Italy_danz.fest " ], "datespan": "2009-07-13 To 2007-07-26", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0906.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0927.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0940.jpg", "height": 300 } ], "start": "2009-07-13" }, { "start": "2009-08-02", "end": "2009-08-15", "description": "Teaching at the Summer Dance Intensive at CENADAC in Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico.", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_Summer in Mexico " ], "title": "Summer in Mexico " }, { "start": "2009-08-23", "datespan": "2009-08-23 To 2008-08-29", "description": "Great to be with Leonid for Kozlov International's summer event in Aruba, Stars of American Dance, with guest artists Helen Hansen, from Buglisi Dance Theatre and Pat Daugherty, musician, composer. ", "mapKeys": [ "Aruba_Dancing in Aruba " ], "title": "Dancing in Aruba " }, { "end": "2009-09-26", "description": "Invernadero Danza 2009, the inaugural year of this impressive project of student and friend, Rosario Ordo\u00f1ez Fuentes - bringing international guest teachers to one of the most exciting art/dance communities in Mexico, Oaxaca City.
", "title": "Invernadero Danza ", "mapKeys": [ "Oaxaca City, Oax. Mexico_Invernadero Danza " ], "slides": [ { "caption": "with Rosario", "imgfile": "TLfoto0808.jpg", "height": 344 }, { "caption": "Monte Alban in Oaxaca", "imgfile": "TLfoto0802.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "class onstage", "imgfile": "TLfoto0810.jpg", "height": 250 } ], "start": "2009-09-06" }, { "end": "2010-05-15", "description": "Following Martha's path, teaching movement for actors at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.
", "title": "The Neighborhood Playhouse", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Neighborhood Playhouse" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0992.jpg", "height": 365 } ], "start": "2009-09-16" }, { "start": "2009-10-04", "datespan": "2009-10-04 To 2009-10-05", "description": "Judge and master teacher for the fifth annual Kozlov International Youth Dance Festival of New Jersey.", "mapKeys": [ "Hackensack, NJ_Kozlov International" ], "title": "Kozlov International" }, { "description": "A master class and lecture, \"Las Bondades de la T\u00e9cnica\", my Spanish challenged, at the first national meeting of dance scholars, teachers, and students of University and secondary schools, organized by the Centro Nacional de Investigaci\u00f3n, Documentaci\u00f3n e Informaci\u00f3n de la Danza, CENIDI-Danza Jos\u00e9 Lim\u00f3n. Wonderful master classes in everything from folkloric to mind-body to media/composition- great to be taking classes. Held at the University of Colima, Col. Mexico, organized by CENIDI Director, Elizabeth C\u00e1mara and Mtro. Zamarripa.
", "title": " CENIDI-Danza", "mapKeys": [ "Colima, Mexico_ CENIDI-Danza" ], "datespan": "2009-10-27 To 2009-10-30", "slides": [ { "caption": "teaching master class", "imgfile": "TLfoto1608.jpg", "height": 293 }, { "caption": "Mtro Zamarripa's RAZA master class", "imgfile": "TLfoto1617.jpg", "height": 294 }, { "caption": "enjoying Mtro.'s RAZA class", "imgfile": "TLfoto1612.jpg", "height": 275 }, { "caption": "Juan Carlos's master class", "imgfile": "TLfoto1615.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1610.jpg", "height": 267 } ], "start": "2009-10-27" }, { "description": "Inside/Out: Exploring Gender and Space in Life, Culture, and Art A talk and keynote performance accompanied by pianist Louis Stewart at the Agassiz Theater for the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.
", "title": "Inside/Out at Harvard ", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Inside/Out at Harvard " ], "datespan": "2010-04-15 To 2010-04-16", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1852.jpg", "height": 423 } ], "start": "2010-04-15" }, { "start": "2010-06-21", "end": "2010-07-02", "description": "\nTeaching and faculty advisor for the Centro Nacional de Danza Contemporanea in Quer\u00e9taro, preparing dancers for their year-end evaluation. A great time to be there, I saw company performances of Alejandro Ch\u00e1vez, B\u00e1rbara Alvarado and Orlando Schecker\u2019s performance in a marvelous experimental play La Mano del Mago of Mariana Hartas\u00e1nchez Frenk . Alma Guillermoprieto came to visit, we caught up, ate, shared some tequila and enjoyed some countryside. \n", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_At CENADAC in Mexico" ], "title": "At CENADAC in Mexico" }, { "end": "2010-07-24", "description": "This third year of this festival in Italy, danz.fest brought together students from New York and Mexico and from all over Italy. Technique and repertory classes, and great fun for us and the seaside audience to see my Improvisation class perform in the Piazza Tramonta, including a site specific segment created by the wonderful dancers attending from The Juilliard School. My hope to visit nearby San Patrignano finally fulfilled, we were generously given a tour of this incredible community; the beauty, creativity and commitment to their mission of social recovery is extraordinary, in its scale and in all respects, incredible. \n
", "title": "danz.fest ", "mapKeys": [ "Cattolica, Italy_danz.fest " ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0942.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0928.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0966.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0915.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "dinner with Tadashi, Eduardo and Terese", "imgfile": "TLfoto0918.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "Improvisation class performs at the beach", "imgfile": "TLfoto0919.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "with Eduardo and Rosario", "imgfile": "TLfoto0920.jpg", "height": 533 } ], "start": "2010-07-11" }, { "end": "2010-08-29", "description": "The second year of this ambitious project, Invernadero Danza in Oaxaca, Mexico with dancers from all over Mexico and from New York. Technique and repertory classes, and special workshops : Movimiento/Im\u00e1genes my improvisation class investigating movement and image in collaboration with photographers from the Photo Journalism workshop directed by Shaul Schwarz. The final presentation of music/ dance/photography/dialogue was a dynamic and beautiful experience for audience, dancers and photographers. See more images from the performance of Movimiento/Im\u00e1genes: Improvisaciones.\n \n
", "title": "Invernadero Danza 2010", "mapKeys": [ "Oaxaca City, Oax. Mexico_Invernadero Danza 2010" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Photos by Shaul Schwarz and V\u00edctor Sime\u00f3n - Technique demo onstage", "imgfile": "TLfoto2013.jpg", "height": 268 }, { "caption": "Class demo onstage", "imgfile": "TLfoto2014.jpg", "height": 268 }, { "caption": "In class", "imgfile": "TLfoto2002.jpg", "height": 267 }, { "caption": "Class in the studio", "imgfile": "TLfoto2004.jpg", "height": 267 }, { "caption": "Improv class", "imgfile": "TLfoto2006.jpg", "height": 268 }, { "caption": "Improv explores space", "imgfile": "TLfoto2005.jpg", "height": 268 }, { "caption": "Night Journey Rep demo", "imgfile": "TLfoto2009.jpg", "height": 268 }, { "caption": " Night Journey Men's chorus", "imgfile": "TLfoto2011.jpg", "height": 268 }, { "caption": "Night Journey chorus", "imgfile": "TLfoto2010.jpg", "height": 268 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2012.jpg", "height": 268 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2007.jpg", "height": 598 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2008.jpg", "height": 357 } ], "start": "2010-08-09" }, { "end": "2011-05-15", "description": "Teaching and enjoying the faculty atThe Neighborhood Playhouse. The international group of students confront the Meisner technique, and dance. Martha Graham began dance for actors at the Playhouse; it is an honor to follow her steps.
", "title": "The Neighborhood Playhouse", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Neighborhood Playhouse" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0991.jpg", "height": 284 } ], "start": "2010-09-17" }, { "start": "2010-10-09", "datespan": "2010-10-09 To 2010-10-10", "description": "The sixth year of the Kozlov International Youth Dance Festival of New Jersey. With Hector Zaraspe, adjudicating and teaching master classes. ", "mapKeys": [ "Mahwah, NJ_Kozlov International" ], "title": "Kozlov International" }, { "end": "2010-12-05", "description": "Returning to friends at the Universidad de Colima; teaching the Ballet Folkl\u00f3rico and Univerdanza.
", "title": "In Colima, Mexico", "mapKeys": [ "Colima, Col. Mexico_In Colima, Mexico" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "early morning view of the volcano", "imgfile": "TLfoto1260.jpg", "height": 514 }, { "caption": "Jardin at night", "imgfile": "TLfoto1541.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "getting ready for Christmas", "imgfile": "TLfoto1543.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "Viviana on tour with the company at Teotihuacan", "imgfile": "TLfoto1528.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "visiting Orozsco's astonishing Cupila", "imgfile": "TLfoto1526.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1527.jpg", "height": 533 } ], "start": "2010-11-22" }, { "start": "2011-01-15", "end": "2011-01-23", "description": "Intense 5 days of making dance, music and more filming for La Voz del Cuerpo/The Body Speaks with musicians and dancers from Mexico and the US.", "mapKeys": [ "Colima, Col. Mexico_Filming La Voz del Cuerpo" ], "title": "Filming La Voz del Cuerpo" }, { "start": "2011-02-01", "end": "2012-12-31", "description": "La Voz del Cuerpo/The Body Speaks takes shape: editing, work on the narration. Spanish takes shape and we begin on Italian, French. The latest film footage is beautiful, showing dancers and musicians at their best.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_La Voz del Cuerpo, post production" ], "title": "La Voz del Cuerpo, post production" }, { "start": "2011-02-15", "end": "2011-02-20", "description": "The 17th New York season of Buglisi Dance Theatre. A pleasure to read love letters, in French and English, for Jacquie's new work Letters of Love on Ripped Paper; with Terese, Martine Van Hamel and Rika Okamoto.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Buglisi Dance at the Joyce " ], "title": "Buglisi Dance at the Joyce " }, { "start": "2011-02-24", "description": "What fun to be a part of Tina Croll and Jamie Cunningham's unique gatherings of dancers of all kinds and generations to dance and tell their stories. This incarnation celebrating the American Dance Guild past and present, honoring Jane Dudley, Paul Sanasardo and Linda Tarnay.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_From the Horse's Mouth " ], "title": "From the Horse's Mouth " }, { "description": "A second meeting of an extraordinary group of scientists and artists to explore The Dynamics of Beauty; human perception of complex movement sponsored by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.
", "title": "Dancing Leaf revisited", "mapKeys": [ "Cambridge, MA_Dancing Leaf revisited" ], "datespan": "2011-06-02 To 2011-06-04", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0875.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0876.jpg", "height": 300 } ], "start": "2011-06-02" }, { "end": "2011-07-15", "description": "The fourth year of danz.fest in Italy. At the culminating performance held at the extraordinary community of San Patrignano,Tadashi Endo, Terese and I perform and students demonstrate their work. Together we celebrate an ethos shared by both our communities; beauty, creativity and work.
", "title": "danz.fest and San Patrignano", "mapKeys": [ "Cattolica, Italy_danz.fest and San Patrignano" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "San Patrignano's grapes", "imgfile": "TLfoto0982.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "faculty women relax", "imgfile": "TLfoto0984.jpg", "height": 311 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0983.jpg", "height": 313 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0985.jpg", "height": 298 } ], "start": "2011-07-08" }, { "end": "2011-08-12", "description": "The Centro Nacional de Danza Contemporanea International Summer Intensive in Quer\u00e9taro; teaching students from all over Mexico, including friends from Colima and Mexico City. A special treat for the final classes Eduardo Gonz\u00e1lez played and jammed with the Centro's percussionist Gerardo Vargas.
", "title": "Summer Course in Mexico", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_Summer Course in Mexico" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Sergio, Alejandro, Adriana visiting Sn. Miguel Allende", "imgfile": "TLfoto1248.jpg", "height": 307 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1249.jpg", "height": 547 } ], "start": "2011-08-01" }, { "end": "2011-09-03", "description": "Another summer with Rosario's Invernadero Danza 2012 project in Oaxaca City; teaching and enjoying the arts community. Acting and dance students from my New York classes attended, bringing their special energy and talents to share with the dancers in Oaxaca. What a pleasure to have percussionist Shane Shanahan play for classes and give a concert with Oaxacan musicians.
", "title": "Invernadero Danza", "mapKeys": [ "Oaxaca City, Oax. Mexico_Invernadero Danza" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Itxel with her class, the next generation of Graham and folkcloric trained dancers", "imgfile": "TLfoto2055.jpg", "height": 325 }, { "caption": "class and demonstration photos by Victor Sime\u00f3n", "imgfile": "TLfoto2018.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2015.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0819.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2016.jpg", "height": 239 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2020.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2021.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2026.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2025.jpg", "height": 604 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2027.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": "my birthday pinata", "imgfile": "TLfoto1262.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "Shane Shanahan and Oaxcan musicians photos by Victor Sime\u00f3n", "imgfile": "TLfoto2053.jpg", "height": 598 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2054.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2050.jpg", "height": 630 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2051.jpg", "height": 314 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2049.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2052.jpg", "height": 381 }, { "caption": "Repertory rehearsal and demonstration, photos by Victor Sime\u00f3n", "imgfile": "TLfoto2030.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2032.jpg", "height": 593 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2036.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2038.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2041.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2045.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2047.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2028.jpg", "height": 265 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2033.jpg", "height": 265 } ], "start": "2011-08-22" }, { "start": "2011-09-06", "end": "2012-05-25", "description": "Lovely to join the faculty at the Ailey School. My relationship with the School began in my first days in the 70's in New York, when I was a student at Ailey in a great old church - with Pearl Lang, who founded the school with Alvin Ailey. An honor to learn from master teachers.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Alvin Ailey School Classes " ], "title": "Alvin Ailey School Classes " }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0837.jpg", "height": 243 } ], "start": "2011-09-11", "description": "A very moving event with Jacquie's 'Table of Silence' performance on the plaza at Lincoln Center among 100 dancers from every part of the New York dance community.
", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Table of Silence" ], "title": "Table of Silence" }, { "start": "2011-09-19", "end": "2012-05-13", "description": "Continuing Martha's work, teaching movement for actors at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_The Neighborhood Playhouse" ], "title": "The Neighborhood Playhouse" }, { "description": "In its seventh year, the Kozlov International Youth Dance Festival of New Jersey. Adjudicating and teaching master classes with Hector Zaraspe. Scott Morehouse joins us as musician. The Festival brought together a wonderful mix of ballet, folk and contemporary dance including students from Aruba and Ni\u00f1os de Colima,Rafael Zamarripa's children's company performing the Mexican folkloric repertoire his University Company has become internationally known for. During their visit, the group was invited to share their dance with students of the Ailey School. \n
", "title": "Kozlov International", "mapKeys": [ "Mahwah, NJ_Kozlov International" ], "datespan": "2011-10-08 To 2010-10-09", "slides": [ { "caption": "Calabaceados", "imgfile": "TLfoto1597.jpg", "height": 254 }, { "caption": "La Coulebra", "imgfile": "TLfoto1601.jpg", "height": 250 }, { "caption": "Ni\u00f1os showing some modern chops", "imgfile": "TLfoto1605.jpg", "height": 258 }, { "caption": "La Iguana", "imgfile": "TLfoto1603.jpg", "height": 220 } ], "start": "2011-10-08" }, { "end": "2012-08-25", "description": " Rosario's Invernadero Danza 2012, in Oaxaca City brings the whole dance community together for class and performance. Once again a pleasure to have Shane Shanahan play.
", "title": "Invernadero Danza", "mapKeys": [ "Oaxaca City, Oax. Mexico_Invernadero Danza" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1265.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "Birthday at Biznaga", "imgfile": "TLfoto1266.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1264.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "Viviana, Rosario and Eugenia", "imgfile": "TLfoto1270.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1271.jpg", "height": 423 }, { "caption": "Clarissa", "imgfile": "TLfoto1261.jpg", "height": 548 }, { "caption": "Shane in class", "imgfile": "TLfoto1267.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "Contemporary Art Museum", "imgfile": "TLfoto1268.jpg", "height": 324 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1269.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "ancient city ruins", "imgfile": "TLfoto1263.jpg", "height": 533 } ], "start": "2012-08-13" }, { "start": "2012-09-04", "end": "2013-05-22", "description": "Classes at the Ailey School, enjoying colleagues - some of the best teachers in the world and wonderful to work with musicians Ronnie Roc and Scott Morehouse. ", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Alvin Ailey School " ], "title": "Alvin Ailey School " }, { "end": "2013-05-17", "description": "Classes at The Playhouse begin; teaching movement for actors in Martha's tradition. Musician Scott Morehouse, a wonderful collaborator, plays for technique and improvisation.
", "title": "The Neighborhood Playhouse", "mapKeys": [ "New York, NY_The Neighborhood Playhouse" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0993.jpg", "height": 238 } ], "start": "2012-09-18" }, { "description": "Preview screening of our film La Voz del Cuerpo in Mexico. We gathered at the invitation of the Rector, M. C. Aguayo L\u00f3pez and Mtro. Rafael Zamarripa at the Universidad de Colima where it was filmed. It was an honor to have distinguished speakers introduce and comment on the film: Gus Solomons Jr. writer/dancer/choreographer, Mtra Carm\u00e9n Bojorquez, National Coordinator of Dance for the National Fine Arts Institute, Mtra Elizabeth C\u00e1mara Garc\u00eda, Director of CENIDI Danz, author Patricia Cardona Lang, Dra. Margarita Tortajada Quiroz, Researcher at CENIDI Danza. Many friends celebrated with us - enjoying Pedro Palacios's jazz band before the screening and finishing the evening with performances by Univerdanza and the Ballet Folklorico.
", "title": " La Voz del Cuerpo previews", "mapKeys": [ "Colima, Col. Mexico_ La Voz del Cuerpo previews" ], "datespan": "2012-11-23 To 2012-11-25", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1620.jpg", "height": 608 }, { "caption": "presentation at the theater", "imgfile": "TLfoto1621.jpg", "height": 196 }, { "caption": "Steve with theater technicians Pablo and Ricardo", "imgfile": "TLfoto1622.jpg", "height": 398 }, { "caption": "at the theater", "imgfile": "TLfoto1623.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "lunch at Que Nanish with Gus, Jaime, Viviana, Lupita, Rossana and Carmen", "imgfile": "TLfoto1625.jpg", "height": 300 } ], "start": "2012-11-23" }, { "end": "2013-02-10", "description": "20th Anniversary season of Buglisi Dance Theatre. At the Joyce Theater, wonderful to perform Requiem with friends from the original cast, Terese Capucilli, Virginie M\u00e9c\u00e8ne and Helen Hansen French. Two great programs of Jacquie's works from our first years, new works and works of guest choreographers.
", "title": "Buglisi Dance Theatre", "mapKeys": [ "New York, NY_Buglisi Dance Theatre" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0420.jpg", "height": 537 } ], "start": "2013-02-05" }, { "start": "2013-02-08", "description": "Wonderful 92nd Street Y series, Friday's at Noon - presented Mark Franko's new book, Martha Graham, in Love and War with dance and conversation. Fascinating to sit with Mark, Graham colleague Stuart Hodes, and several generations of Hawkins dancers to discuss the fraught and extraordinary partnership of Martha Graham and Erick Hawkins. ", "mapKeys": [ "New York, NY_Hawkins/Graham at the 92nd St. Y" ], "title": "Hawkins/Graham at the 92nd St. Y" }, { "start": "2013-05-21", "description": "A screening party for our film, La Voz del Cuerpo / The Body Speaks with friends and the film's American musicians, dancers and post production collaborators. The Neighborhood Playhouse theater and studio are the perfect venue - an intersection of theater, dance and music traditions, I am proud to be a part of. ", "mapKeys": [ "New York, NY_Screening party for La Voz del Cuerpo" ], "title": "Screening party for La Voz del Cuerpo" }, { "start": "2013-06-04", "end": "2014-06-22", "description": "Teaching Graham technique at the Ailey School, with Scott Morehouse and Ronnie Roc's music.", "mapKeys": [ "NY, NY_Alvin Ailey School " ], "title": "Alvin Ailey School " }, { "start": "2013-06-10", "end": "2013-06-21", "description": "Preparing Centro Nacional de Danza Contempor\u00e1nea students for their final exams, working with teachers.", "mapKeys": [ "_CENADAC " ], "title": "CENADAC " }, { "description": "Performing with Alejandro Ch\u00e1vez's company, Ciudad Interior at Teatro Alameda in Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico. Great to have friends from Mexico City and Sn. Luis Potos\u00ed in the audience - actors dancers and musicians - and special friend Eduardo Lemus who never missed a performance I gave in Mexico.
", "title": "Performing with Ciudad Interior", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_Performing with Ciudad Interior" ], "datespan": "2013-06-19 To 2013-06-22", "slides": [ { "caption": "Teatro Alameda", "imgfile": "TLfoto0890.jpg", "height": 313 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0891.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "partying with Oscar and family", "imgfile": "TLfoto0892.jpg", "height": 280 } ], "start": "2013-06-19" }, { "end": "2013-07-27", "description": "The Centro Nacional de Danza Contempor\u00e1nea International Summer Intensive in Quer\u00e9taro; teaching students from all over Mexico with special friends from Colima, Oaxaca and Aguascalientes. It was a pleasure to see performances of friends - an original theater work \"Gritos y Susurros\" with Orlando Scheker, Desiderio D\u00e4xuni S\u00e1nchez, and Beatrice Juan Gil. And \"Las Cuatro Palabras\", Desidrios's dance/theater work of personal history, calling up his Nahuatl roots. A night off, with Rock and Roll at the Encrucijada Bar, all stops out rocking to the band with Gerardo Vargas' great percussion chops. By day he's a terrific collaborator, musician for dance classes. A day off at the amazing rock mountain Bernal with great friends Beto and Leonceo.
", "title": "International Summer Course, Quer\u00e9taro", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_International Summer Course, Quer\u00e9taro" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "la Encrucijada Bar", "imgfile": "TLfoto2068.jpg", "height": 497 }, { "caption": "Gerardo at the drums", "imgfile": "TLfoto2069.jpg", "height": 284 }, { "caption": "Gerardo and Mayela", "imgfile": "TLfoto2070.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2071.jpg", "height": 444 }, { "caption": "School Garden", "imgfile": "TLfoto2072.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "Pe\u00f1a de Bernal", "imgfile": "TLfoto2073.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "Beto and Leonceo", "imgfile": "TLfoto2074.jpg", "height": 533 } ], "start": "2013-07-15" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": "Taller Artes Alternativas in action", "imgfile": "TLfoto2060.jpg", "height": 266 }, { "caption": "Directors H\u00e9ctor and Jaime", "imgfile": "TLfoto2061.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2062.jpg", "height": 225 }, { "caption": "Armando Arias photographs the performance", "imgfile": "TLfoto2063.jpg", "height": 291 }, { "caption": "Adriana and Alejandro \"Hace cuanto tiempo?\"", "imgfile": "TLfoto2064.jpg", "height": 225 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2065.jpg", "height": 225 }, { "caption": "\"Lorca, escultor de su alma\" Sergio with Fernando", "imgfile": "TLfoto2066.jpg", "height": 225 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2067.jpg", "height": 228 }, { "caption": "with Claudia Rodr\u00edguez", "imgfile": "TLfoto2075.jpg", "height": 319 } ], "start": "2013-07-25", "description": "Great to perform and screen La Voz del Cuerpo / The Body Speaks. Former dancer and dynamo creator, H\u00e9ctor Dorantes and Jaime Zerme\u00f1o generously invited us to their new space, El Taller Espect\u00e1culos, Arte Alternativa. With magnificent projection and sound quality, a huge space for classes of parcour, dance of all kinds including aerial, it was an ideal setting to show dance and movement in all its aspects; on stage, off stage and on screen. Performing with me were Adriana Le\u00f3n and Alejandro Vera in a new work of theirs \"\u00bfHace cu\u00e1nto tiempo?\", and Sergio Morales P\u00e9rez in \"Lorca, escultor de su alma\" choreographed for him by Alejandro Ch\u00e1vez. The Colegio Nacional de Danza Contempor\u00e1nea, with Director Orlando Scheker hosted the evening for an audience of dancers of many generations, and students of the Colegio and El Taller. Wonderful to see dancer, choreographer Claudia Rodr\u00edguez whose own company performed that week at the Festival Internacional Lila L\u00f3pez in Sn. Luis Potos\u00ed.
", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_Performing and screening La Voz del Cuerpo" ], "title": "Performing and screening La Voz del Cuerpo" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2203.jpg", "height": 533 } ], "start": "2013-07-26", "description": "Ofrecemos la presentaci\u00f3n de La Voz del Cuerpo / The Body Speaks a la memoria de Eduardo Lemus - del coraz\u00f3n tan grande - Un gran amigo de los bailarines y de la danza, le esperemos siempre en su butaca de oro. A man in love with life and dance, a living archive of dance in Mexico, who would magically appear, at every performance, every dance event, small and large; quietly supporting and encouraging dancers, teachers and choreographers all over the country.
", "mapKeys": [ "Quer\u00e9taro, Mexico_Remembering Eduardo Lemus" ], "title": "Remembering Eduardo Lemus" }, { "end": "2013-08-31", "description": "A privilege to teach in one of Mexico's most important centers of dance, music and the arts, the University of Veracruz at Xalapa, at the invitation of Dance Director Lupita Pimentel. Wonderful after many years to see Guadalupe Barrientes, whose direction of academic affairs has focused and developed the arts. A pleasure to meet teachers, musicians, students, immersed in dance and music. Astonishingly beautiful mountain rainforest tropics, as always the warmth of the Mexican pueblo, and great art; the Museum of Archaeology of Veracruz is second only to Mexico City's. The art of Orozco powerful in the government building, murals still reflecting what happens in the streets. La Voz del Cuerpo screening for School of the Arts provokes tears, smiles.
", "title": "in Xalapa Mexico", "mapKeys": [ "Xalapa Enriques, Mexico_in Xalapa Mexico" ], "slides": [ { "caption": "Texolo Falls with Lupita and Luis", "imgfile": "TLfoto1272.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1273.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "modern art mariposas", "imgfile": "TLfoto1274.jpg", "height": 220 }, { "caption": "coffee and banana", "imgfile": "TLfoto1275.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "Cabana del Tio YeYo", "imgfile": "TLfoto1276.jpg", "height": 300 }, { "caption": "lunch with Jorge, Lupita and Luis", "imgfile": "TLfoto1277.jpg", "height": 314 }, { "caption": "Veracruz", "imgfile": "TLfoto1278.jpg", "height": 526 }, { "caption": "Orozco's mural", "imgfile": "TLfoto1279.jpg", "height": 509 }, { "caption": "Liberation", "imgfile": "TLfoto1280.jpg", "height": 290 }, { "caption": "coffeeworkers demonstrate", "imgfile": "TLfoto1281.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "Orozco still shows us workers' struggle", "imgfile": "TLfoto1282.jpg", "height": 336 }, { "caption": "U of V new concert hall", "imgfile": "TLfoto1283.jpg", "height": 280 }, { "caption": "Museum of Archaeology", "imgfile": "TLfoto1284.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1285.jpg", "height": 464 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto1286.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": "at the U of V", "imgfile": "TLfoto2090.jpg", "height": 281 }, { "caption": "Leo's prehispanic music", "imgfile": "TLfoto2091.jpg", "height": 533 }, { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2092.jpg", "height": 473 } ], "start": "2013-08-19" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0838.jpg", "height": 267 } ], "start": "2013-09-11", "description": "Jacquie's 'Table of Silence' - performed on the plaza at Lincoln Center with more than 100 dancers from every part of the New York dance community gathered in remembrance and in a prayer for peace.
", "mapKeys": [ "New York, NY_Table of Silence" ], "title": "Table of Silence" }, { "end": "2014-05-17", "description": "Classes begin, teaching in Martha Graham's tradition, movement for actors, with improvisation and technique, Scott Morehouse bringing his unique music to the classes. Many talented graduates beginning to make a success on stage and film, it is great to follow their work.
", "title": "The Neighborhood Playhouse", "mapKeys": [ "New York, NY_The Neighborhood Playhouse" ], "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0993.jpg", "height": 238 } ], "start": "2013-09-17" }, { "description": "Great to have the opportunity to bring dance into the film world. The Golden Door International Festival of Jersey City selects La Voz del Cuerpo / The Body Speaks for screening.
", "title": "Golden Door International Festival ", "mapKeys": [ "Jersey City, NJ_Golden Door International Festival " ], "datespan": "2013-10-10 To 2013-10-13", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2201.jpg", "height": 240 } ], "start": "2013-10-10" }, { "description": "An honor to be selected by the New York City Independent Film Festival, La Voz del Cuerpo / The Body Speaks makes its first New York festival appearance - a thrill to bring a perspective on dance into the film world.
", "title": "NYC Indie Festival", "mapKeys": [ "New York, NY_NYC Indie Festival" ], "datespan": "2013-10-17 To 2013-10-20", "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto2202.jpg", "height": 230 } ], "start": "2013-10-17" }, { "slides": [ { "caption": null, "imgfile": "TLfoto0887.jpg", "height": 342 }, { "caption": "la Maestra as always, in class", "imgfile": "TLfoto0884.jpg", "height": 348 }, { "caption": "she leaves an enormous empty place", "imgfile": "TLfoto2076.jpg", "height": 457 }, { "caption": "with my class in Guanajuato, 1981", "imgfile": "TLfoto1223.jpg", "height": 391 } ], "start": "2013-11-07", "description": "La Maestra Guillermina Bravo, fierce, uncompromising artist and woman, revolutionary choreographer, teacher, at the root of Mexican contemporary dance. La Maestra, la Bruja - referente, raice, para todas las generaciones de bailarines, coreografos y por el arte. She and her company, the Ballet Nacional de Mexico, and her incomparable dancers are a profound influence on artists and generations of Mexican dancers. To teach and have choreographed for her company and school, is an honor, and is a second home to me.
", "mapKeys": [ "_Mourning la Maestra Guillermina Bravo" ], "title": "Mourning la Maestra Guillermina Bravo" } ] }